GreedFall’s latest footage shows the different styles to play

A new video has been released by Focus Home Interactive regarding Spiders’ upcoming RPG Greedfal, with this new footage showing the different ways in which situations can be approached as well as the customisation options for characters. In Greedfall you’ll be able to choose from three base combat styles including melee weapons, magic, or using traps and potions. You can mix and match when in situations depending on you what you feel is the right approach.


Outside the three base stances players will also have a number of choices when it comes to character customisation including the way their clothes look. These designs will play an important part in how the story unfolds as each faction has its own designs and colours associated with it, so wearing the wrong thing could get you in trouble or if you’re wearing the right thing you could sneak into a place.


Spiders is putting a lot of emphasis on the fact that combat isn’t the only way forward. Managing relationships between different characters and using diplomacy with the factions could be much better than drawing swords. However, combat will be inevitable at some point and players will be able to choose a party of three to go out into the world. The footage shows a tactical pause can be used so you can plan attacks without having to worry about taking damage, but if you’re more of a real-time fighter then there’s plenty of opportunities to unleash attacks without stopping. Where there’s war there’s love, or at least a lot of lust, and there are plenty of romance options available by the looks of things as it seems no companion character is off-limits.

GreedFall will be launching on September 10th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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