Journey To The Savage Planet release date revealed, two player co-op confirmed

Typhoon Studios has revealed that its comedic take sci-fi exploration Journey To The Savage Planet will be released digitally on January 28th 2020, with a physical release to follow on January 31st. Along with the release date Typhoon Studio also confirmed that players will be able to pair up as two player online co-op has also been confirmed in the new trailer below. Previously, the first gameplay trailer showed different areas of the world as well as the creatures that inhabit it, and they weren’t all friendly. In fact, you could say they were savage.


The new trailer shows locations such as the Jellywaft Islands, Fungal Forest, and Swamp Gully. There are also creatures like the Insectoid Swarm and the Floopsnoot. Journey To The Savage Planet is all about first person exploration with player characters being equipped with a tool that allows them to swing around the environment, as well as use it as a weapon to face off against dangerous creatures.

Journey to the Savage Planet will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store.Digital pre-orders are live now with the game priced at £24.99.

Source: Press Release

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