Playerunknown’s Battleground console cross play confirmed, Season 4 date announced

PUBG Corp has confirmed that cross-platform play is heading to Playerunknown Battlegrounds which will allow players on PS4 to face off against those on Xbox One with the full 100 players entering the battlefield. The developer confirmed it was also working on shorter wait times so people can get into matches faster. This feature will be on the Public Test Server in late September while the full rollout will be happening at some point in October. That’s not all that’s happening as the console release of Season 4 will release on consoles from August 27th.

Season 4 brings the Erangel Visual which improves the look of the original PUBG map. In addition, players will be able to get the Aftermath pass which unlocks unique missions and cosmetic rewards such as weapon skins and outfits. There’s also the first ever vehicle skin being added to the game. As you level up using the pass you’ll unlock reward tiers which give better cosmetic loot items. In future PUBG Corp will be looking to release updates on consoles within two weeks of them being deployed to PC.

Source: Press Release

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