Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay can be watched here

Back in May Sony confirmed the existence of Predator: Hunting Grounds, a brand new multiplayer game by the team behind Friday The 13th The Game. At the time a teaser trailer was released which seemed to take the setting of the original Predator film and the scenario where a group of soldiers had to go against the alien hunter. Now a gameplay trailer has arrived to show exactly what players can expect to encounter when trying to survive the jungle.


In Predator: Hunting Grounds the situation won’t purely be about fighting each other. The reason the four-player Fire Team is in the jungle is to complete missions and going up against AI enemies. They’re soldiers after all. It’s these actions that catch the attention of the Predator. In matches, one player will be the Predator while the other four will go around trying to complete objectives. The game’s story itself takes place some years in the future so elements from all the Predator films will be incorporated into the game. Human players will only be able to hunt along the ground while Predator players will have the ability to climb and traverse the treetops to gain an advantage. In the game, fire team players will see the action through a first-person view while the Predator will have a third-person viewpoint.

Both sides will have the equipment to deal with the threat the other poses but playing will require communication and patience. Fire teams will need to work together while the Predator will need to be a proper hunter and stalk its prey carefully and strike at opportune times. A release date is yet to be confirmed for Predator: Hunting Grounds though 2020 is the likely window. Once we know we’ll let you know.

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  1. Really want this to be good. However, Illfonic’s last game – Dead Alliance – was absolutely cack.

  2. Ohhh I cannot wait for this!
    Friday the 13th was a fantastic Multiplayer from a fan of the movies and I know this will be just the same.

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