Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s PvP Ghost War mode will have two match types at launch

Ubisoft has confirmed details about Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s PvP mode which goes by the name Ghost War. It is intertwined with the game’s campaign as players will be using the same character they create in single player for the multiplayer mode. This will include plyers keeping all of the gear they have unlocked from cosmetic gear to weapons, while gear unlocked in PvP will become available in the main campaign. However, there will be a balance in PvP so weapons will have different attributes compared to the campaign versions to make sure no single person is overpowered.

The two modes at launch will be Elimination and Sabotage with six maps available. Elimination mode works a bit like a Battle Royale in that the area of action will shrink until all players are confined to a small zone. Players won’t be able to sit back and wait for the action to come to them either as specific items can only be found in caches around the maps. These include drones, healing items and grenades. Drone players may get a bit of an advantage by being able to see things from the air but as soon as a drone is launched all players will be notified of its existence, meaning they’ll looking to either shoot the drone down or protect it. Maps also have hackable surveillance systems so even if you don’t have an eye in the sky you can find enemies by hacking into cameras and searching for players. Downed enemy locations briefly appear on the map so people can get towards where the action is, and even dead players can still ping enemies in the vicinity of their corpse by panning the camera around.

Ghost War will run on dedicated servers and after Breakpoint launches more maps and modes will be added to both PvP and PvE areas. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released on October 4th for PS4, Xbox One, PC via UPlay+ and Stadia when that arrives.

Source: Ubisoft

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