Two Point Hospital’s DLC is all about some close encounters

Two Point Hospital is going to be getting some DLC next week and it is title Close Encounters. That’s right instead of just treating human diseases aliens will be checking in to get cures for their extraterrestrial ailments. Of course, they can’t just wander into any old hospital and expect treatment. There’d be panic. Instead, players will have three new sites to choose from which are specifically built to deal with off-world visitors.


In addition to three new sites, there will be 34 new illnesses with 11 of them having visual symptoms, new challenges, and three new cure rooms. The Close Encounters DLC will be available on August 29th, and will likely make its way to console at some point. The console edition of Two Point Hospital was confirmed last month, and it’ll be available at some point in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

In our review for Two Point Hospital Dom wrote:

There are few games that can boast the level of personality and humour that Two Point Hospital does while still giving you something serious to sink your time into. For anyone with fond memories of Theme Hospital, this is the silly hospital management sim you’ve been waiting for.

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