Watch half an hour of Zelda: Link’s Awakening gameplay, fresh from Gamescom

Nintendo’s latest Gamescom offering is over thirty minutes of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening gameplay which included a look at the new Chamber Dungeons and a boss battle. The game is a remake of the 1993 Gameboy game along with elements taken from the remastered version, Link’s Awakening DX.


The plot finds Link stranded on Koholint Island after his ship is wrecked and he gets rescued by Marin. Our diminutive hero must then traverse dungeons and complete puzzles on his quest to ollect the eight instruments of the Sirens and awaken Koholint’s legendary Windfish. Why a farty fish will help him escape the island is rather lost on me, but apparently it will.

The game is on the Nintendo eShop for pre-loading and will take up 5.8 GB of space.

Teflon went hands on with the game recently and had this to say.

There’s still the essence of the Game Boy original throughout. As you head out from Marin and Tarin’s home to reclaim your sword, you’re exploring a world built around the same grid system of classic Zelda games, but have smoother movement through the analogue stick and full eight directional movement, and without breaks between screens. Purists will have to cross their fingers here though, because theres no D-pad support for movement at this point. Hopefully Nintendo add this in before launch, as it could feel a little more natural and precise, but with enhanced movement, using the shoulder button for the shield and being able to assign items to X and Y, it feels so much more fluid than returning to Link’s Awakening DX through the 3DS Virtual Console.

While not the most sensational of remakes that we’ve seen in recent times, this Link’s Awakening remake is almost certain to delight fans of the classic Legend of Zelda series. The new art style is gorgeous, matched by the chamber orchestra renditions of its soundtrack, and Nintendo are making sensible changes in all the right places to subtly modernise how this classic game plays.

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