You’ll be able to see if the farming life is for you when Farmer’s Dynasty is released in November

There’s another farming on the way with Bigben and Toplitz Productions announcing Farmer’s Dynasty. It looks like it’ll be a mix of Farming Simulator and Stardew Valley as players will have to manage their farms to make them grow, while also socialising with the local village folk and build relationships with them. Players will start with a small lot and will have to repair the site while also growing and selling goods to fund the farm so more buildings can be built, and better equipment can be bought.

In the day you’ll farm but in the evening various social events take place in the village where socialising is key. It’s here where your character will meet their future partner and then build a family so the farm can keep growing. An open-world is available to explore where there are side quests to pick up from the locals. The farming itself will be based in realism as players will need to rotate crop cycles, deal with seasons, and make sure fields and animals stay healthy so goods can be sold to market.

Farmer’s Dynasty is already available in early access on Steam with a full release happening on November 7th. PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released on that same day while a Switch edition will follow at a later date.

Source: Press Release

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