Watch 30 minutes of Luigi’s Mansion 3 from Gamescom

Nintendo have released around thirty minutes of footage showing a new level from Luigi’s Mansion 3. There’s plenty of action as the plumber sucks up loads of ghosts, hunts through piles of leaves, and generally waddles about like he’s had an accident in his trousers.


Miguel went hands on with the game E3 last month and had this to say.

My time with Luigi’s Mansion 3 was brief, but what I saw was incredibly special. The sharpness of the visuals combined with the unique new mechanics are an absolute treat, and the promise of further multiplayer modes and a bevy of new bosses has got me incredibly excited. The Year of Luigi may have long passed, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 proves that the ghostbuster in green ain’t done yet.

You can read his full preview here.
Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 31st.

Source: YouTube

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