Check out 26 minutes of new Dying Light 2 gameplay

Techland has released 26 minutes of Dying Light 2 gameplay showing an extensive look at what’s in store for players. The gameplay starts off in District 2 of the City, with Techland saying there are several areas with each of their own opportunities and threats to deal with.  At this point in the demo of the game the City is out of water and players must find a way to get water from a character called the Colonel in a place called The Castle.


The gameplay footage gets violent quickly and soon enough a choice has to be made to either chase a truck, or stay with someone. Every choice will have a consequence and will affect how lively districts are. Some choices will even determine how hard an area is to get into, with the wrong choice making missions a lot tougher to deal with. Players can mod weapons much like in the original Dying Light. There’s also no holding back with the violence as enemies can be dismembered.

Dying Light 2 has double the number of parkour moves over the original and you can drop-kick enemies that get in the way while parkouring. Or, if you fancy, grab an enemy to cushion your fall as you jump from a height. If you’re not careful you can fall into Dark Zones which are full of zombies and if they don’t kill you the infection in the air will. You can use tools like a UV light to keep the undead at bay, but stamina is also key to staying alive. For example, in the demo, the stamina is too low for the player to open the door. The UV light also has a flare option which lasts a few seconds so you can signal for help, which I assume will be key in the co-op multiplayer.

One of the new weapons shown off is a gun called the Scorpio which can one-shot enemies, so it’ll be tough to get hold of. In combat, players can also use the grappling hook to pull objects onto enemies or get out of range for a bit of respite. The final part of the demo involves a bit more combat in which an armoured brute is fought and a final major decision where the choice impacts the entire game world as the power balance shifts and new threats appear. It’s worth watching the full video to really get a sense of where Techland is going with Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 will be released in Spring 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Twitch/YouTube

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