UPDATE: Classic 16 Bit platformers Aladdin and The Lion King are being remastered!

UPDATE: They have now been officially revealed!


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Oh happy days! Two of the best, and occasionally ruddy hard, platformers from the 16 bit era are getting remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

The leak comes from the GameStop Managers show and according to the source the games will be officially confirmed sometime today. Numerous other sources have confirmed the leak.

The games were originally released in the early 1990s by Virgin Interactive for the SNES, Megadrive, Amiga and other systems, and now appear to on the Disney label. Both games were re-released on PC but the Steam versions were removed earlier this year, presumably because the new versions are on the way.

It is reported that both games will be playable in their original resolutions and also 1080p, you can rewind the game, and will also include a neat feature that will let the game take control of the character and show you how to complete the level. This will be very useful with The Lion King which is horrendously difficult in some places despite the original game being aimed at younger players.

The Lion King lets you play as the cub version of Simba for the first half of the game, complete with a cute roar, and the second half of the game features the grown up version of the lion. There is also a bonus level fearing Timon or Pumbaa, and a great sequence based on the stampede in the film. All the graphics were created by Disney themselves and the music is adaptions of songs found in the film. The Amiga version was created from scratch in just two months, it was meant to be a port but the game was written in a language the single coder was not familiar with so he rebuilt the whole thing himself.

The graphics for Aladdin were also created by Disney and it won numerous awards. The game was directed by Dave Perry who long time readers may remember went on to found game streaming service Gaikai, which Sony bought and turned in to Play Station Now.

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  1. Fond memories of these games. Yes ruddy hard, but i persevered and completed them both as a young kid. Sad the youth of today have everything on a plate.

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