Man of Medan devs were approached to work on movie licenses

With Until Dawn and now The Dark Pictures Anthology, Supermassive has established itself as one of the top flight developers blurring the line between cinema and story driven video games. So much so that it has been approached movie license holders.

The British studio may have cut its teeth on puzzlers and party games for the PlayStation but since the launch of Until Dawn in 2015 Supermassive has earned a spot among Quantic Dream and Telltale, carving out a macabre niche for itself.


There’s no denying the influence horror movies have had on the developer. In a recent interview with The Dark Pictures Anthology series director and executive producer Pete Samuels, he revealed that the team has explored 39 horror sub genres.

When asked if Supermassive had a dream movie franchise they’d like to work on or if the team had ever considered picking up a movie license, Samuels told us:

We’ve been approached to do this on a number of occasions, with some very interesting and exciting properties, but we’re uniquely focused on our own stuff right now, and may be for the forseeable future.

Sadly, he couldn’t go into detail as to which properties were offered up. Could we have seen a Friday the 13th, Halloween, or Nightmare on Elm Street video game helmed by Supermassive? Who knows.

Man of Medan, like Until Dawn before it, doesn’t lift entirely from one sub genre of horror movie. Supermassive’s previous PlayStation exclusive had elements from slasher and torture films with a streaks of mythology and the supernatural.

Although Man of Medan’s ghost ship is front and centre, expect to see some nuance in how its story unfolds.

Digging around for some extra trivia, we also asked if Samuels had any unconventional favourites within the horror game genre. He pointed us towards 2001’s EA developed first person shooter, Clive Barker’s Undying which apparently scared the daylights out of him.

Man of Medan will launch later this month on August 30th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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