Zinogre makes an appearance in new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer

A week ahead of its release Capcom has uploaded a new trailer for Monster Hunter World’s massive expansion Iceborne, and in it a slew of monsters make an impact. One of the biggest appearances though is a monster making its return to the series and that is Zingorne the lightning wolf. While Zingore is shown briefly in a fight the trailer skips quickly through a ton of monsters that players will be facing off against in the dangerous winter wonderland, including monsters that will directly attack bases.


Last month Stefan got to play some of the Iceborne expansion and in his preview he said:

While it might not present a fresh starting point for those looking to get their first taste of Monster Hunter, Iceborne will check a lot of boxes for a lot of others. With a big new landmass to explore, giving a frosty new twist to the game, and plenty of new and returning beasts to take on (and with a new Master Rank difficulty for the absolute high end players), there’s plenty to look forward to in this expansion.

You can read the preview here or watch the video preview below.

Recently it was confirmed that PS4 players will get an exclusive skin of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. On the flip side of the coin PC players will be left out in the cold for a bit as they won’t be able to get to play Iceborne until January 2020 at the earliest. In mid July Capcom released a lot of details regarding subspecies players will come across as well as Iceborne’s hub area, Seliana base, which players will be trekking back to regularly when not hunting.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be released on September 6th for PS4 and Xbox One. Sorry, PC players.

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