The console versions of DayZ are wiping characters and people are upset

Both the PlayStation and Xbox One versions of DayZ seem to have been hit by a peculiar and very annoying bug. It appears if you are playing on the official servers, rather than one of the recently launched private servers, there’s a good chance your character could get wiped and you will lose all your progress and gear.


Understandably those who have spent hours in the game earning weapons are a bit miffed.  “When came on DayZ I saw all my characters  reset, and all my friends on my clan as well, we are currently 25 guys that we never want to play again,” tweeted one disgruntled user. “To get it wiped for no reason? The point is to survive as long as u can!! no fun when the developers are the ones killing us!!” tweeted another.

The main question being asked by the players is whether or not their characters and gear can be reinstated and at present the DayZ Twitter account has not given an answer. If you value your characters then we suggest you stay off the game until the problem has been fixed.

A large number of public servers were recently shut off due to the popularity of private servers, Bohemia posted the following notice.

Hello Survivors,

Since we released the private servers, we witnessed a huge amount of players shifting from the public servers to the private ones (we are talking about several thousands of pre-ordered private servers alone).

This shift obviously reflects on the experience on the public servers, with servers being more empty in general. To compensate for this, in one week from now, we will shut down 140 public PS4 servers, to concentrate the player-base more on the remaining servers. We understand this change will cause problems for many players out there while moving their bases over to other servers (as you can switch between all public servers and you will be able to keep your character). We apologize for the inconvenience.

That said, we assure you, that we will always provide sufficient server capacities for all of our players.

The game was recently certified by the Australian Classification Board who rated the game MA15+. All drug references were removed from the game to allow it to be released in the territory.

Source: Twitter

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