September’s PlayStation Plus games are now live, download links here!

The PlayStation Plus games for September are now live, with the recently announced lineup of Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III taking over from last month’s duo of WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4.

It’s a pretty good selection of games, and while Batman: Arkham Knight will surely have been picked up by quite a few people in the few years since its release, Darksiders III was a little lost in the madness of the run up to Christmas from last year.


As Aran wrote of Batman: Arkham Knight way back in 2015, it was bigger, bolder and with a story full of twists and turns. That said, he went on to conclude that a few missteps (such as the silly Batmobile “riddles”) meant that it “isn’t the crown jewel in the Arkham series, that remains in Asylum’s honour, but it is still a good game in its own right.”

Meanwhile, Darksiders III was a long in the works revival of the series, coming out against all the odds after THQ went bankrupt in 2013. It was only thanks to THQ Nordic entrusting a core of the series’ original developers reformed at Gunfire Games to continue the series and find new success.

Tom concluded that, “while more limited in scope than its predecessor, [it] provides a tighter, more deliberate experience that elaborates on the lore we’ve seen so far. The smaller world of Darksiders 3 may disappoint some fans of the previous game, but this feels like a reboot of the series.”

While not perfect, it’s fair to say that Gunfire Games have stuck with the game and continued to improve it, patching out some of the unwanted technical hitches. Revisiting the game for its second DLC pack, he Tom said “after what has been a solid eight months of updates to the game. Darksiders 3 is in a great place now, it’s just a shame that many of the newly added features and touches of polish weren’t in the game at release.”

In other words, now is exactly the right time to pick it up on PlayStation Plus for free!

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