Catch the latest introductory trailer to Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Though largely focussed on games coming out in the rest of 2019, tonight’s Nintendo Direct made time to give us another look at Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The game, delayed earlier this year, will be coming out on 20th March 2020.


There weren’t many new details, but it reiterated the announcements from E3, with features like being able to pitch your tent wherever you like and put furniture outside, and the Nook Phone tracking every part of your life like an evil social media network. The game still has a bunch of Animal Crossing staples, but taken to new visual fidelity, with rainfall, cloud cover and tree-shaking winds as the seasons change.

Additionally, it re-confirmed the multiplayer modes, with four players on a single console and eight players when networked. You all have to share the same island locally, but ad hoc and online lets you visit each other’s islands.

The game looks pretty darn cute, and we can’t wait to see more.

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