Nintendo tease Switch Fit with ring-clenching family friendly fun

When Nintendo were riding high on the early breakout success of the Nintendo Wii, they broadened their focus outside the realms of pure gaming and into the lifestyle universe with Wii Fit. Now, with the Nintendo Switch in a similar position, it seems like they’re doing the same, teasing something looks like a Switch reimagining of Wii Fit.

Nintendo will reveal whatever this nonsense actually is next week on 12th September.


The “new experience”, as Nintendo call it, seems to revolve around a flexible plastic ring peripheral that you can slot a Joy-Con into and a strap that would let you tie a Joy-Con to your leg. Between the two, it then shows off a variety of different uses, from frenetic ring pulsing and thigh-squeezing mini-games to slower speed balance tests and baby-like air kicking.

Thought “Switch Fit” isn’t named in the teaser video which, among other things features a bemused looking cowboy playing with his ring (as it were), it’s by far and away the most logical name for the ‘exergaming’ game. After all, Wii Fit came with an expensive balance board peripheral and managed to sell over 20 million units, so a (hopefully) cheaper game that leans on the capabilities of the Joy-Con for similar fitness oriented games ought to do pretty well.

We’ll find out exactly what Nintendo are up to next week. In the mean time, it’s time for a caption competition:

(1) Teenage boys can be convinced to do literally anything by girls they fancy.

(2) Even to awkwardly watch a girl squeeze a plastic ring between her legs…

(3) At least it’s better than watching you dad kick the air like a baby.

(4) Whatever she can see on the TV, she is having way too much fun with this.

(5) And then the cowboy – he was wearing a cowboy hat earlier in the trailer – just goes and make it look a bit creepy.

(6) Really creepy…

Give us your best suggestions in the comments.


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  1. 2) Switch Pelvic floor tightener out Q1 2020
    6) Also works on prostates

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