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Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition coming to Switch in 2020

With the news of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE coming to Nintendo Switch revealed at this E3, I’m sure plenty of JRPG and Wii U faithfuls were hoping for a certain Xenoblade Chronicles X to also get passage onto the latest Nintendo console. Instead though, Nintendo busted out an even sweeter surprise at their latest Nintendo Direct. Xenoblade Chronicles, the iconic 2012 Wii JRPG, is getting a massive facelift remake in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition which will launch in 2020.

The Nintendo Direct trailer showed off a stunning new 3D model for Monado-wielding protagonist Shulk, which has shades of his Super Smash Bros’ model, as well as a brief glimpse at some of the gorgeous updated environments we’ll be traversing in the full game. The Switch version of the game looks absolutely gorgeous, opting for brand new textures and models in every aspect of the world, not just our blonde-haired main character, and for anyone that’s played the classic Wii original it’s all set to be a huge step up over the fuzzy, low resolution images that the game had before. Of course, graphics aren’t the be all and end all for any game, and the release will bring a whole new audience to this classic series.

Monolith Soft have created a number of iconic JRPGs, most notable among them being the Xenosaga series on PlayStation 2. While Xenoblade Chronicles has a similar name, it was very much a fresh start for the company, and the first entry into a groundbreaking and incredibly iconic modern RPG series. Each game has had a very different tone, style, and cast of characters. Yet Shulk and his companions are arguably the most iconic of the bunch, making this Definitive Edition a welcome treat for interested gamers who need a modern avenue into experiencing the game.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is set to launch for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.

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