Red Dead Online’s new Frontier Pursuits highlighted in trailer

A new trailer has arrived to give a look at the new Frontier Pursuits that have been added to Red Dead Online, which allows players to take on the roles of bounty hunters, collectors, or traders. These roles aren’t all freely accessible but instead require a payment of 15 gold bars, unless you do certain things to gain access for free. PS4 owners have it easy if they want to take the trader role as that is freely accessible on the platform, while those who want to be bounty hunters will need to link Twitch and Rockstar Social Club accounts if they want to forgo the cost though that has to be done by this Sunday. Collectors need to collect all the playing cards in GTA Online to not pay 15 gold bars.

Bounty Hunters will be able to collect bounty contracts from boards with targets ranging a variety of difficulties and a number of different rewards. Collectors will hunt down treasures and tarot cards while traders will need to hunt down animal pelts, acquire goods by any means necessary, and also defending the business from the competition. You can check out all of the details of what’s in store by reading the article here.

Source: YouTube

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