Rainbow Six Siege passes 50 million player milestone

Rainbow Six Siege continues to enjoy one of the most triumphant success stories of this past gaming generation.

After an exciting and refreshing E3 reveal (which is a real treat to go back and watch now) Siege launch in final weeks of 2015 to a somewhat mixed reception to say the least.


Instead of leaving it to bleed out, Ubisoft threw itself behind the Tom Clancy shooter, propelling it from one milestone to the next, Siege having just surpassed a whopping 50 million players.


Considering the state of the game and its esports scene in those early fledgling days, that’s nothing short of a landmark victory for Ubisoft.

Siege would serve as a vanguard for the publisher’s future strategy in how it treats its AAA games. A string of free content updates tagged with a shinier premium option for megafans has become the norm for Ubisoft titles. Siege’s Year Pass model has also made its way into other games such as The Division 2 and For Honor while influencing other games with co-op or competitive online components.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft Montreal has released a new video giving fans a behind the scenes look at the development of its newest season, Operation: Ember Rise.

Year 4 Season 3 introduces two new operators, each with their own unique gadget. Peruvian attacker Amaru can use her Garra hook to grapple through windows and hatches while her Mexican CTU partner, Goyo, can place Volcan shields. They act like your regular deployable defences though have built in explosives which can be shot out.

Sadly, Ember Rise doesn’t offer up a new map for the world’s best operators to test their skills but it has the next best thing. Ubisoft Montreal has reworked the Kanal map from the base version of Siege, transforming it from a disjointed maze into something way more fluid and viable in competitive play.

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