Prepare for a deadly trip to paradise in the next Hitman 2 location

IO Interactive has released where Agent 47 will be heading off to next on business, that business being the assassinations of high value targets, with the new sandbox location being confirmed as Haven Island. No, it’s not based on the holiday parks dotted around the UK though now I kind of wish it was. Haven Island is actually a resort in the Maldives. When will Agent 47 be departing for Haven Island? That’ll be September 24th.


As you may guess this island is part of the expansion pass but it just caps off what players can expect throughout September regarding Hitman 2’s content.  Two escalation contracts have already been released this month with the next due on September 12th and that’s called the Dubious Cohabitation. It is set in Mumbai and upon completion players will be able to unlock the Cashmerian suit. On the 13th a legacy contract will be available as the Blackmailer makes a return to Paris with players having until the 23rd to take him out.

On the 19th another Escalation contract will be going live with this one set in Santa Fortuna where Agent 47 will be a Shaman. Once that contract has been completed the emetic grenade will be unlocked. That grenade makes people who are caught in its radius vomit. On the 23rd IO Interactive will be hosting its monthly stream giving details about Haven Island.

Alongside the Haven Island released on the 24th expansion pass owners will also get two special assignments. The first is set in Miami and is called The Silver Tongue. The second is called A Bitter Pill and is set in Whittleton Creek. A major game update will also be released but patch notes won’t be released until closer to the time. On the 27th another legacy target appears and that will be The Angel of Death in Marrakesh, who will be there for 10 days.

Source: IO Interactive

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