Dauntless receives a 1.0 update later this month with Aether Unbound season’s start


The monster hunting co-op action of Dauntless is breaking out of its Early Access period later this month. The 1.0 update will see the game leave behind its formative stages, bringing a major new season expansion to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to mark the occasion.

Aether Unbound will bring an all-new aether strikers weapon, the Tempestborne Stormclaw Dire Behemoth to battle, a new Hunt Pass, bounty system and more into the game. Of course, it won’t be the end of the game’s development – this is a free to play live service game, after all – and the team are already cooking up what new features can be added, what the next season can entail, and more for the end of this year. They have an interactive roadmap that you can view here.

Now you might be a little bit confused as to what the distinction is – I know I am – but Phoenix Labs have decided that now is the right time to say the game is fully formed. This is despite having been out in open beta on PC since May 2018, and having been available on PS4 and Xbox One since this May. Version numbers working the way they do, the console versions started at 1.0 at that point as well. Final or not, it still raced along with millions of people downloading it in the first week.

Source: press release

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