Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has already shipped 2.5m copies

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has shipped 2.5 million copies worldwide. The eagerly anticipated expansion to 2018’s Monster Hunter World launched seven days ago for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PC launch planned for January 2020.


The Japanese publisher also revealed that the Monster Hunter series has shipped over 58 million units in total since first making its debut on the PlayStation 2 some fifteen years ago.

It wasn’t until Monster Hunter found its way onto the PSP that things really took off for the franchise. Using the device’s local co-op multiplayer feature, groups of friends would band together to tackle huge monsters, using the rewards to forge better equipment for their characters before moving onto even more challenging battles.

However, outside of Japan, Monster Hunter was viewed as a bit of a misfire for Capcom: an obtuse and repetitive roleplaying game that felt largely out of sync with the company’s other games.

That wouldn’t stop Monster Hunter from continuing to grow and iterate with a multitude of sequels, ports, and expansions. Capcom would try to win over western fans though ended up shooting itself in the foot by launching Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii.

Chasing Nintendo’s power selling console seemed like a sound strategy. Monster Hunter Tri may have been a great entry in the franchise though this sudden change in focus away from PlayStation platforms angered a swathe of die hard fans.

Capcom and Nintendo’s partnership would continue though Monster Hunter: World is where the franchise went from being a celebrated series to a worldwide phenomenon. With more than 13 million units shipped it’s Capcom’s best selling game of all time – no wonder why an expansion quickly followed.

That’s not to say Iceborne is a rush job. It’s an incredibly thought out follow-up to the action RPG titan, adding a slew of new monster to hunt with your friends as well as loads of smaller features and details. It scored a superb 9/10 in our review.

Capcom announced that more Monster Hunter: World content will be rolling out with free Iceborne title updates. The first of these will be adding the Rajang for players to hunt next month.

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