The Bradwell Conspiracy has a new trailer, is this the first game about the A303 bypass?

What is The Bradwell Conspiracy? Who is behind it? These and many other questions are not answered in the new trailer for the game but at least we get another look at the title.

Set in the year 2026 at Summer Solstice, Bradwell Electronics is celebrating the launch of its ‘Clean Water Initiative’ at the Stonehenge museum, the initiative being a “technical breakthrough guaranteed to change the world”.


However, something goes wrong and you you wake in a pile of rubble and must use a pair of AR Smart Glasses to communicate with the only other survivor, Amy.

“By working in tandem, sending Amber photographs of your surroundings, together, the two of you try to discover a means of escape,” say publishers Bossa, “But as you find yourself delving deeper and deeper into the bowels of the company’s secret underground complex, a sickening truth begins to dawn.”

I think a couple of games have been set around Stonehenge before but this is the first title to include a malfunctioning clean water program as the catalyst, so bravo to A Brave Plan ,a team made of industry veterans, for finding a new plot for a game.

Will you discover the source of the explosion? Are Bradwell as compassionate as the appear? Does Stonehenge have something to do with the mystery? So many questions but perhaps they revealed little too much plot in the trailer.

If you freeze the video at certain points there are news reports regarding the Stonehenge bypass tunnel, a project that has been proposed numerous times and was finally given the go ahead in 2017 with construction beginning in 2021 The game suggests the project was abandoned due to costs but there seems to be another reason.

Other text in the trailer reveals that “hidden caves” have been found and that Bradwell will now foot the bill for the A303 bypass tunnel. What did they find in the caves?

The Bradwell Conspiracy features music by Austin Wintory (Journey), character performances by Rebecca LaChance and Abubakar Salim (Assassin’s Creed Origins), and just for some randomness, UK TV personality Jonathan Ross as the voice of the Induction Narrator.

The game had previously been announced for PC and has now been revealed to be coming to coming to PlayStation 4, X Box One, Switch, Steam and the freshly revealed Apple Arcade this Autumn.

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