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Gears 5 smashes Xbox One records as Batista arrives in-game

Gears OF WAR 5 is without doubt Microsoft’s biggest exclusive of 2019. It should come as no surprise that the chainsawing, cover shooting sequel broke a number of Xbox records when it finally touched down last week.

According to Microsoft, more than 3 million Delta squaddies played Gears during its debut weekend, making it the most played Xbox Game Studios title in its first week since Halo 4 brought Master Chief back out of retirement.

In fact, Gears 5 enjoyed the biggest launch of any Xbox One first party exclusive of the current console generation. Xbox Game Pass no doubt had a hand in setting this milestone though Microsoft didn’t offer a in-depth breakdown of stats.

Still, compared to more recent Xbox exclusives, Gears 5’s performance “easily” double that of the previous game in the series, with even better results on PC where it also launched on Steam.

Meanwhile, in other Gears 5 news, you can now play the game as actor and WWE superstar, Dave Bautista. Having appeared in recent films such as Blade Runner 2049 and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, Bautista has previously lobbied to get a role in the upcoming Gears of War film.

Appearing in the latest instalment of the Xbox exclusive franchise seems like no coincidence. To unlock Batista (in Gears 5 he goes by his WWE alias) simply bring up the customisation menu in either Versus or Horde mode – he’ll be available as a skin for Marcus Fenix.

Gears 5 drives the series’ story forward, adding some much needed depth to its trio of greenhorned heroes introduced in Gear of War 4.

The sequel has been met with mostly positive reviews. Gears 5 serves up a familiar cocktail of blood, gore, and shooting at enemies behind waist high walls. However, a more interesting narrative hook and some smart new modes and gameplay changes push the franchise in a promising direction with The Coalition no doubt readying the final part in our second Gears trilogy.

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