No Man’s Sky patch 2.12 out now, notes are here

Since the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond update Hello Games has been working hard at plugging away issues in the huge expansion that have been noticed by players, or otherwise slipped through the gaps. Today, the developer released the latest update, that being 2.12. It addresses things such as the visuals in VR with improvements for both PC and PSVR headsets, adding mysterious Encrypted Missions to the Nexus, and also making sure NPCs aren’t rude and have their back to you while talking to them.

In addtion, a community event is now underway with players able to work towards getting new rewards from Polo’s robot companion and paying in Quicksilver. These will be new exotic items which will be available in the game for free.

As ever you can check out the full set of patch notes below.

No Man's Sky 2.12 update notes

    • Occasionally, ‘Encrypted Missions’ will appear on the Nexus mission list. The objectives for these missions are hidden until the mission is in progress, but the rewards are far higher.
    • Each day, every player also has the chance to complete a Nexus mission to earn Quicksilver.
    • Added new customisation items to the Quicksilver shop: a full suit of Vy’keen-style armour.
    • Progress towards unlocking these items is achieved by community-wide completion of Nexus missions.
    • Fixed a number of mission flow issues in standard Nexus missions.
    • Increased the reward from standard Nexus missions.
    • Improved the visuals of the mission start UI in Nexus missions.
    • Introduced a number of PC VR and PSVR rendering optimisations.
    • Significantly improved image quality in PSVR: reduced blurriness caused by TAA jitter and fixed low-quality terrain/atmosphere jaggies.
    • Introduced a number of general PC optimisations.
    • Introduced an optimisation to region decoration.
    • Increased the stack multiplier on a significant number of products.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Larval Cores and Hypnotic Eyes from being used as cooking ingredients.
    • Fixed bad data in the Nutrient Refiner recipes for various cheeses and cheese-based products.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented ships/Multi-Tools/etc being rotated in the inventory.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Blaze Javelin not to work in VR.
    • Fixed an issue that caused players with Rocket Boots to jump when selecting things in the Quick Menu.
    • Rebalanced NPC language encounters so that attempts at using alien words are viewed more positively.
    • Fixed an issue that caused creature bait stored in the cargo inventory to be unavailable.
    • Fixed an issue that caused double inputs on some UI screens.
    • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect unit costs to be used when purchasing Exosuit slot upgrades.
    • Improved the audio balance in a number of places, as well as fixing some missing sounds and some incorrectly looping sounds.
    • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to sometimes face the wrong way on the Nexus.
    • Fixed a number of incorrect and missing control icons.
    • Fixed a number of control conflict issues when plugging multiple gamepads into one PC.
    • Added validation to prevent invalid actions being bound.
    • Fixed a number of stuttering issues when using mouselook on the Steam controller.
    • Fixed an issue where the input for uploading a base screenshot did not work correctly on consoles.
    • Fixed repeated triggering of a warning noise when registering specific actions with Steam.
    • Fixed a number of issues where weapons would interfere with Quick Menu use on PC.
    • Fixed a PC controller issue that caused Discovery Page subsections to be incorrectly closed.
    • Fixed a number of colour and texture issues in a specific exotic biome variant.
    • Fixed a number of collision issues on the Space Anomaly.
    • Added audio to Cronos’ barbeque on the Space Anomaly.
    • Made landing bay seats sittable on the Space Anomaly.
    • Fixed some specific LODing issues on the Space Anomaly.
    • Fixed a number of LODing issues with specific fighter-style starship variants.
    • Fixed a number of collision and visual issues with freighter hangers.
    • Fixed an issue that caused faecium deposits to have an incorrect icon when viewed through the Analysis Visor.
    • Fixed a number of issues with the graphics settings descriptions in the PC options pages.
    • Improved the visuals of a number of mission icons.
    • Removed some erroneous automatic chat messages.
    • Added automatic chat messages when transferring items to players not in your current group.
    • Added automatic chat messages when starting missions.
    • Added automatic chat messages when short of ingredients to build a pinned item.
    • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when answering the Communicator after swapping ships or summoning ships.
    • Fixed a camera issue that could occur when answering the Communicator when playing in third person.
    • Added a workaround to prevent a permanent black screen when using older AMD drivers.
    • Added a workaround to prevent a crash bug in older AMD drivers.
    • Added a workaround for driver issues with AMD laptops.
    • Fixed a number of rare crashes when testing collision.
    • Fixed a number of inventory-related crashes.
    • Fixed a rare threading crash.
    • Fixed a softlock that could occur when opening the Nexus mission list with the chat window open.
    • Fixed a GPU crash that could occur on PS4 in the Galaxy Map and loading starfield.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading very large bases.
    • Fixed a rare networking crash.
    • Fixed a rare memory corruption.
    • Fixed a Linux driver issue.
    • Various localised text improvements.

Source: Hello Games

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this update to improve PSVR visuals before trying in in VR.

  2. Noticeable improvement to the visuals, much gentler on the eyes. Near to mid-distance objects etc much clearer now. I was able to play for twice as long after the patch without my eyes getting tired.

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