Fallout 76 fans have mouldy helmets which “pose a risk of infection”

You might want to give any Fallout 76 fans you know a wide berth for a few weeks as it has been revealed that they might have a mouldy helmet. Warnings state that these filthy helmets could be infectious and a quick trip to the STD clinic will not help.

The Power Armor Collectible Helmets were produced by Chronicle Collectibles and sold at Gamestop stores in the United States when the game launched last year. Unfortunately, some of the fabric used inside the headgear seems to have been riddled with something nasty.

“Mold can be present on the fabric insert inside the helmet, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold,” states the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We should stress the product recall is for the Chronicle Collectibles helmet and not the item that was sold as part of the collectors edition of the game.

This is not the first time the game has had a problem with collectables, Bethesda advertised the collectors edition of the game with a rugged looking West Tek canvas bag but when buyers opened their packs they found they had been given a rather ratty and cheap nylon bag.

The company decided to give everyone $5 worth of in-game credit to make up for the rubbish bag and as you might expect that wasn’t received well. At the start of December 2018 they eventually announced the would be replacing the bags but it took until June 2019 for the bags to arrive.

The game was recently updated with a new map for Fallout 76’s battle royale mode, Nuclear Winter.


  • ZAX has decided that the Vault 51 Overseer selection process needs a change of scenery! A new Morgantown map for Nuclear Winter is now available for play.
    • Morgantown features lots of opportunities for urban combat, and some of the highest peaks in Appalachia, giving Candidates a diverse battlefield to master.
    • Candidates can also take on new enemy creatures, including Assaultrons, the Grafton Monster, and Radscorpions.
  • All Nuclear Winter matches will temporarily be taking place in Morgantown to give Candidates a chance to master the new map.
  • Learn more about Morgantown by reading the latest transmission from ZAX on Fallout.com.

Source: CPSC via Polygon

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  1. So the Power Armoured edition is fine? Not being recalled just the Nuka Cola version?

    • That’s right. It’s just the Nuka Cola one, which I understand was a gamestop exclusive sold separately.

  2. Nothing worse than a mouldy helmet. Nasty stuff.

  3. I can look past Tuffcubs dirty articles as sometimes they can be funny, though more references to bewbs and Va Jay Jays would be welcome for equality reasons (for the straight and entitled white men amongst us).
    But adverts all over the page for “more aim assist” Xbox and PS4 Aimbot??? Surely a gaming site should not be encouraging unsportsman like behaviour in, ya know, gaming?
    Perhaps an advert for male hygene products and/or helmet protection?

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