Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta stats smash series record

It’s almost October and we’re getting ready to dive head first into that familiar end of year flood of new releases. The past couple of weeks have seen some pretty big new games touch down though Call of Duty fans still turned up for the Modern Warfare multiplayer beta in their droves.

Activision didn’t provide an exact number though claims that millions played in its recent online test, making it the most popular Call of Duty beta in the franchise’s history. Not only did Modern Warfare attract the highest number of users, they collectively clocked the most hours played with the highest peak concurrent number of players across all platforms.


With the beta being available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneous, this no doubt explains why the numbers were so high (we’ll talk more about that in a moment). Previous betas have usually focused on a single platform during their closed phase.

Byron Beede, general manager of the Call of Duty franchise at Activision, had this to say:

The response from fans for Modern Warfare’s release next month has been incredible. From the beginning of development there has been extraordinary excitement for this game.  We thank Call of Duty players and the development teams led by Infinity Ward for making this a record-setting Beta.  We look forward to 25th October when players everywhere will experience the full amount of depth and gameplay Modern Warfare has to offer.

The beta allowed fans to go hands on with this latest entry in the franchise. Despite a couple of rough patches this generation, Call of Duty has recently found its footing again and Modern Warfare is making some genuinely interesting decisions, pushing the game is a more tactical direction with boots on the ground action being a core focus.

In the final stage of the beta, Infinity Ward kicked open the doors to its reinvented Ground War mode. Imitating Call of Duty’s lead rival, Battlefield, this match type is played on bigger maps with vehicles and the scope to extend the max player count to 100.

Not only was the beta available on all systems, Activision flipped the switch on crossplay too. This is a first for the franchise and, along with Spec Ops and more intimate focus with its singleplayer campaign, it’s easy to see where all the excited for Modern Warfare is coming from.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25th.

Source: Press release

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