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Brain Training is coming to Nintendo Switch… in Japan

Dr. Kawashima is set to return once more to test your mental acuity and tell you that you have the brain age of a 75 year old. That’s right, the Brain Training series (known as Brain Age in the US) is coming to Nintendo Switch, with a new game in the series announced in Japan.

The new game is designed to make use of some of the Switch’s more unique bits of technology, integrating the gyroscope and infrared cameras from the right Joy-Con into the puzzles. Of course, this means that the recently release Nintendo Switch Lite will be excluded from that particular challenge, unless you pick up a right Joy-Con separately. There will also be a stylus sold separately to help with certain activities that require you to draw on the screen.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before we see the game – the title for which translates as Nintendo Switch Brain Training for Adults – released outside of Japan. The original game for Nintendo DS took over a year to be brought to other regions, its sequel took eighteen months, and it was a ludicrous five years before Brain Age: Concentration Training for Nintendo 3DS came to Europe as Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? Will it be just as long a wait for this game? Well, hopefully not, or we’ll be playing it on the Nintendo Switch 2, or something.

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  1. Slightly unrelated I know but while we’re on the subject of flagship games for consoles (I’d class Brain Training in yhsy category for the DS) the missus and I booted up the old wii at the weekend and bowling has got me thinking that I’m surprised Nintendo hasn’t released a digital version of wii bowling (ignore the rest of the filler lineup). Surely that’d sell like hot cakes?! Given the amount of simple unbridled joy bought me I’d happily shell out a tenner for this on Switch and I can’t imagine it’d be a complex port / remaster. Just a thought! In fact I may even email the idea to Nintendo later. Unlikely it’ll ever get seen / read but you don’t know if you don’t have a go!

  2. On looking at eshop it seems there is knock em down bowling already on switch. Anyone know how this compares in quality etc to wii bowling? Worth my hard earned £13.49?

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