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The Ghost Recon Breakpoint 1.01 patch is out, notes are here

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is officially released tomorrow and in anticipation Ubisoft has released the day one 1.01 patch to address some of the issues found in the game. The fixes include improved enemy AI detection, stopping players from falling through the world map, and improved gun sounds. There are also tweaks to loot placement in the world and some weapons have been balanced.

The 1.01 notes are below.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint update 1.01 notes


  • Polished aim assist.
  • Improved performances and optimizations.
  • Improvements to online flows.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Improved voice chat and text chat.


  • Improvements made to some menus for better understanding.


  • Improved gun sounds.


  • Polished matchmaking stability.
  • Polished Elimination and Sabotage game modes.


  • Fixed a number of flow issues (i.e. infinite loading, online errors).
  • Fixed an issue where the mark would remain on a player longer than intended.
  • Fixed and issue where some Milestones were not completed as intended.
  • Fixed a UI issue with the end match screen page.


  • Improved enemy AI detection.


  • Tweaked item spawns and loot placement on maps.
  • Tweaked and improved some weapon balance.


  • Fixed issues where players would get stuck in the world or fall under the map.
  • Fixed issues where players would have character freeze or get stuck after specific actions.

That’s not all in store though. Ubisoft has confirmed that update 1.02 should be released on October 15th, and below are the known issues the studio is working to address in that patch.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint potential 1.02 updates


  • [RARE] Sometimes players will encounter visual glitches.
  • [SOMETIMES] Players may encounter FPS drops in certain locations.


  • [RARE] During a cutscene, the audio of the end of a sentence a character is saying may cut short. Please note that subtitles are not affected.


  • [ALWAYS] Never replace the Water Canteen by Rations as players will lose it and will be unable to retrieve it.
  • STATUS: Will be fixed with TU 1.0.2
  • [SOMETIMES] If a player fires a Rocket Launcher, it may occur that they can no longer fire with it, and a player may not be able to replace that slot in their Item Wheel.
  • WORKAROUND: Fast Travel to another location, respawn after Killed In Action, or reboot your game. STATUS: Will be fixed with TU1.0.2
  • [RARE] Players who transition from PVP to PVE could experience a loss of Tool Items in their loadout
  • STATUS: Will be addressed in a future patch during Episode 1.

Ghost War

  • [ALWAYS] When someone calls a vote to kick another player, the wrong player name will be displayed.


  • [ALWAYS] After purchasing a Ghost Coins pack in the Store Menu, players will only see the confirmation pop-up after exiting and re-entering the Store.


  • [RARE] Players may encounter issues on the map (e.g. falling through, stuck on props).
  • WORKAROUND: Fast Travel to reset player position.

You can read the initial impressions of Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the review in progress article. To summarise the conclusion was:

First impressions of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint are a little mixed, then. The world is fantastically realised with plenty of activities to try out, whether going alone or with the added dimension of playing with others, but it’s not as refined and polished as it could be.

Source: Ubisoft

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