Sennheiser announces new GSP 370 wireless PS4 headset

Sennheiser is expanding its range of gaming headsets with the launch of its all new GSP 370.

Available as of today, this latest model is compatible with PlayStation 4 as well as PC and Mac, promising high quality audio and a low latency wireless connection via bluetooth.

A key feature Sennheiser has focused on is the GSP 370’s extended battery life. If you’re tired of constantly topping up your wireless headset or fall prone to a creeping sense that it’s running low, the GSP 370 guarantees up to 100 hours of use between charges.

As with Sennheiser’s other recent gaming headsets, this newest release benefits from an enhanced design that pairs comfort and style. We’ve been testing the GSP 670 model and the Sennheiser range is perfectly suited for those longer gaming sessions without pressing down on the top of your head or ears.

It can also be customised when hooked up to a computer device, the free control suite software allowing you to experiment with a number of advanced settings.

The Sennheiser GSP 370 is available now for £169. Those who purchase it from the official website will also receive a free GSA 50 headset hanger

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