Age of Wonders: Planetfall first expansion, Revelations coming out next month

The first expansion to Age of Wonder: Planetfall, Revelations sees the legacy of an ancient power return, mixing things up as the various races of the main game vie for the fate of the galaxy.

Revelations will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19th November for $14.99 / £11.39 / €14.99 or as part of the Planetfall Season Pass.

Revelations delves into some of the lore of the galaxy in Planetfall and the Star Union, with the return of the self-entombed Es’Teq dynasty, cryogenically freezing their minds to return at a later time. Their Heritor descendants now seek to reincarnate their followers and establish a new rule.

This is now, however, a new faction in the game. Heritor is a new Secret Tech that any of the main races in Planetfall can use, taking on the role of prophet to the returning race. This gives them new abilities to explore, such as entropy weapons that are especially effective against machines.

There will, however, be two new campaigns missions to play, exploring the Es’Teq dynasty, and a new Tomb World Scenario to battle through. New Anomalous Sites can pop up, giving you compact story missions with decisions to make and encounters to fight.

You will also encounter ‘The Forgotten’ NPC faction, consisting of the broken and insane outcasts from the Heritor society, while Reapers are robotic assassins that once hunted the Heritor, but now will kill all who are on the planet. Oh, and there’s bioengineered Megasow and Piglets, which are more dangerous than they sound!

Through the rest of the game, a free update will see players now able to take over Imperial Defences and use them to fortify your own colonies further, while Orbital Relays will let you rapidly transport your units between sectors, helping to cut down on mid-to-endgame travel time.

In our review of Age of Wonders: Planetfall earlier this year, I wrote, “The science fiction setting puts a compelling new spin on Age of Wonders: Planetfall, with a lengthy single player campaign and half a dozen contrasting factions to see rise from the ashes of the Star Union. There’s some niggles I have on console, but this is easy to recommend if you’re hankering for a new 4X strategy game.”

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