Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Tyrannosaurus Update out now, and its patch notes are Gigantosaurus

There’s a massive update for Age of Wonders: Planetfall being fed through to the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, that developers Triumph Studios have appropriately called the Tyrannosaurus Update.


This is a major overhaul for the game that released in August last year, taking on board a lot of fan feedback. It touches on practically every part of the game, adding more difficulty settings with multiple sliders, new Exploration Sites to add more mid-game rewards worth seeking, and a No Colonizer Mode, which shifts the game more toward battles and away from empire building.

Other new features include:

  • New Game Modes
  • Tutorial and Campaign Improvements
  • Game Balance Updates
  • Fleeing Enemies
  • Streamlined Terrain Interactions and Colony Economy
  • Rebalanced Economy Research
  • Razing Colonies and Sectors Award Resources
  • Racial Starting Bonuses
  • Secret Tech Starting Units
  • Rebalanced Special Operations
  • War Coordination Improvements
  • Improved Interface and Map Readability
  • Strategic AI Improvements

I’m really not kidding when I say it’s a big update. Here’s the gigantosaurus patch notes:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Tyrannosaurus Update – Version 1.200

New Features
New Feature: Game Intensity Controls

There is a new master setting called Game Intensity which can be used to make the game more relaxing and easy to play. This controls 4 settings under the Advanced Toggle:

  • NPC Dwelling Mode – Controls how often NPC factions make demands and give quests. Setting this to Passive also disables faction rivalry (you no longer get penalized by one faction for doing a quest for another faction)
  • AI Passivity – Controls how diplomatically active AIs are (how much they try and interact with the player)
  • Spawner Aggression – Controls how often spawners create armies that attack you
  • Defender Strength – Used to be called World Threat, controls the strength of independent stacks on the world map

New Feature: Exploration Sites
We’ve rebranded a number of Strategic Structures to a new category of structure called an “Exploration Site”. These structures give +10 income per resource and buff units produced in owning cities, however you need to send armies into them to clear them before you can use them. Apart from their previous surface tactical map; they now also feature new interior maps.

  • Strategic Structures changed to Exploration Sites: ‘Psi Shrine’, ‘Terraforming Station’, ‘DNA Vault’, ‘Imperial War Monument’, ‘Heavy Weapons Factory’, ‘Transmission Tower’ (renamed to ‘Broadcast Station), ‘Paragon Training District’ (renamed to ‘Paragon Barracks’)
  • Exploration Site ‘Psi Shrine’ – Units built in the owner colony gain 2 Psi Resistance.
  • Exploration Site ‘Psi Shrine’ – Changed income from 5 Research to 10 Research and 10 Energy
  • Exploration Site ‘Imperial War Monument’ – Non-mindless Units built in the owner colony gain 200 morale.
  • Exploration Site ‘Imperial War Monument’ – Changed income from 2 Happiness to 10 Production and 10 Food
  • Exploration Site ‘DNA Vault’ – Biological and Cybernetic units built in the owner colony gain +5 HP.
  • Exploration Site ‘DNA Vault’ – Changed income from 5 Food to 10 Food and 10 Research
  • Exploration Site ‘Terraforming Station’ – Units built in the owner colony gain +1 Status Effect Resistance on every channel.
  • Exploration Site ‘Terraforming Station’ – Changed income from 5 Food to 20 Food
  • Exploration Site ‘Heavy Weapons Factory’ – Heavy units built in the owner colony gain +1 armor.
  • Exploration Site ‘Heavy Weapons Factory’ – Changed income from 5 Production to 20 Production
  • Exploration Site ‘Broadcast Station’ – Units built in the owner colony gain +10% accuracy.
  • Exploration Site ‘Broadcast Station’ – Changed income from 1 Influence to 5 Influence
  • Exploration Site ‘Paragon Barracks’ – Light units built in the owner colony gain +1 shields.
  • Exploration Site ‘Paragon Barracks’ – Added 10 Energy and 10 Production income

New Feature: Racial Starting Bonuses
Each race now gets starting bonuses to help make them feel a bit more different during gameplay. Each race has a short term bonus and a long term one:

  • Assembly now start with 20 extra cosmite
  • Assembly players now always ignore the modded unit penalty
  • Removed the Augmentative Mastery doctrine (they get it for free now) and moved the Neural-Interface Data Core up to tier 5 to replace it
  • Vanguard starting army is now all at Novice rank
  • All vanguard units are now produced from colonies with +1 level
  • Amazons now start with a random animal unit (a T2 animal or a T1 hopper hound)
  • Amazons now earn food whenever they kill an animal in combat
  • Dvar start with +150 energy
  • Dvar gets a 15% discount for using energy to rush production
  • Kirko start the game with 2 emergent units
  • Kirko receive a 25% reduction on the upkeep of all T1 and T2 units
  • Syndicate start with 25 extra influence
  • Syndicate have +1 doctrine slot

New Feature: No Colonizer Mode
There is now a “No Colonizer” mode in Advanced Settings under Game Flow. This prevents the player from building colonizers (colonizers can still be gained from Settlements and Anomalous Sites).

New Feature: Fleeing Enemies
Attacking a weaker stack will sometimes cause that stack to retreat (you can still choose to fight it anyway). Attacking a stack of roughly the same strength will sometimes give the option to allow you to bribe the stack to leave with energy.


  • When starting a game, user created leaders will now be picked for the AI to use (this will not happen for online games)
  • If a colonizer a player has built is destroyed or disbanded, it is now possible to build another colonizer for the same cost in a colony (colonizers gained from settlements or anomalies are not affected by this)
  • You will now start with a single tier 2 unit from your secret tech (though Xenoplague start with a Pustule). The default starting armies have lost a tier 1 unit to make space for this.
  • The “Allow Operations In Auto Combat” toggle is now remembered between battles
  • Absorbing an enemy colony will now reset the colonist focus back to the default values
  • Choosing “Low World Threat” no longer gives a permanent boost to all rewards gained from clearing sites


  • Terrain and Clime level ups are now enabled by default, you no longer need to research and build a special colony upgrade to receive their benefits. The Terrain and Clime skills have been removed from the tech tree entirely.
  • Simplified the income gained from exploitations, they now give 10 income and 1 slot at level 1, gaining 1 slot and +5 income per extra level.
  • Rivers and Lava Flows no longer show income icons in the sector interface or economic overlay. Instead they list the amount of income they grant in the sector interface, but only once the correct research is done.
  • Adaptive Exploitation no longer gives a building that removes the volcanic penalty and gives volcanic sectors +1 level. Instead it gives a global bonus that removes the happiness penalty from Volcanic sectors. It is no longer possible to get a level up from Volcanic sectors.
  • Simplified the text for the sector specializations to make them easier to read.
  • The cost for triggering doctrines has been reduced to make it easier to use them in the early game
  • Increased the amount of food needed to get new colonists.
  • Bronze landmarks no longer spawn in locations where they do not get at least +1 from the terrain
  • Fungal Mountain sectors are now much rarer as they give weaker economic bonuses than other terrain types.
  • Changed the income icons from the Coastal sectors in the sector interface and economic overlay, since they do not signify level ups like the icons in other sectors.
  • Changed the tooltip of the coastal sector feature to make it clearer you need to build an upgrade rather than just do research.
  • Increased resource income of Coastal Sectors at Level 1/2/3 from 5/10/15 to 10/13/16 of each resource.
  • Decreased the gained colonist slots of Coastal Sectors from 1/2/3 to 1/1/2
  • Decreased the production cost of the ‘Water Sectors Upgrade’ from 250 to 150.
  • Dwellings now give +5 Cosmite and +2 influence income
  • Visit Site ‘Resupply Station’ – Added 20% damage increase for next combat
  • Visit Site ‘Resupply Station’ – Changed income from +5 Production to +5 Food

Economy: Structures & Specializations

  • Optimization Control Agency – Changed the 10%/20%/30% income when all slots filled to give 1/2/3 energy per colonist in slot.
  • Society Investment Center – Changed the 10%/20%/30% income when all slots filled to give 1/2/3 knowledge per colonist in slot.
  • Agricultural Export Sector – Changed the 10%/20%/30% income when all slots filled to give 1/2/3 food per colonist in slot.
  • Military Innovation Sector – Changed the 10%/20%/30% income when all slots filled to give produced units 1/2/3 ranks.
  • Expedited Learning Center has been replaced with the Cosmite Amplification Lab. The Cosmite Amplification Lab decreases Cosmite cost of produced (modded) units and gives status effect resistance to produced units at levels 3/4/5.
  • Bioengineered Food Plantation – Decreased the food cost for next colonist reduction from 10/20/30/40/50% to 10/15/20/25/30%
  • Military Engineering Guild – Decreased the +2/+3 armor at level 4/5 to +1/+2 armor.
  • Advanced Military Engineering Guild – Decreased the +2/+3 armor at level 4/5 to +1/+2 armor.
  • Naval Training Sector – Removed references to ‘Fast Embarking’ as it never was implemented
  • Naval Training Sector – Now gives +1 unit level at level 1, +2 at level 2, +3 at level 3 (before it started giving levels at level 2)
  • Algae Farms – Decreased Food income from +15 to +10 per sector at level 3.
  • Hydro Battery – Decreased Energy income from +15 to +10 per sector at level 3.
  • Maritime Research Facility – Decreased Knowledge income from +15 to +10 per sector at level 3.
  • Orbital Relay Sectors no longer give +10 income to each specialized sector
  • Orbital Logistics Center – Decreased +15 income from each specialized sector to +10.
  • Recreational Dome – Increased happiness income from +4 to +6
  • Virtual Entertainment Plaza – Increased the colonists slots from +2 to +5
  • Virtual Entertainment Plaza – Increased production cost from 450 to 600
  • Field Hospital – Renamed to ‘Holistic Military Care Center’
  • Holistic Military Care Center – Gives +300 morale to all friendly units in the domain as well as the healing bonus it had before.
  • Colony Care – Renamed to ‘Virtual Hospitality Systems’
  • Assembly Neural-Interface Data Core – Changed the knowledge income from 10% per ruins sector to +10.
  • The Arborean Survey Station – Renamed to ‘Arborean Monitoring Station’
  • Arborean Monitoring Station – Changed income from +3 happiness per forest sector to +6 knowledge
  • Bronze Landmarks – Decreased income from +20 to +10
  • Bronze Landmarks have an inherent +1 level instead (this doesn’t affect Aquatic Landmarks)

Economy: Happiness

  • Colonies now start with 2 happiness slots
  • Stadium Arcadium – Changed to a Resource Node that provides +10 happiness income
  • Happiness events now instantly give a fixed amount of resources based on the current income of the city, rather than boosting the income of the city by a percentage for 1 turn.
  • Happiness events can now give Cosmite and Influence, but only to cities that already produce them as income

Economy: Research

  • Increased Research costs for Tiers 3 through 10 by ~10%
  • Decreased Research costs for Covert Operations by ~20%
  • Virtual Hospitality Systems moved from Tier 5 Research to Tier 7 Research
  • Operation Effectiveness 5 and 6 have been removed.
  • Operation Effectiveness 1-4 – Increased the gained Operation Points from 2 to 3
  • Operation Effectiveness 1-4 – Spread out further along the Operations Tech Group
  • The Tier 3 Doctrine Tech and the Tier 9 Doctrine Tech of the Doctrine Tech Group now also unlock a Doctrine slot.
  • Covert Infiltration – Added Operational Prowess, giving +2 Operation Strength and +2 Operation Defense
  • Intelligence Gathering – Added Operational Prowess, giving +2 Operation Strength and +2 Operation Defense
  • Sensor Technologies – Added Operational Prowess, giving +2 Operation Strength and +2 Operation Defense
  • Global Information Control – Added Operational Prowess, giving +2 Operation Strength and +2 Operation Defense .
  • Added a new tech called ‘Accelerated Force Deployment’ which unlocks ‘Transit Infrastructure,’ ‘Mountain Navigation’ and ‘Ruins Navigation’.

Economy: Unit Cost and Upkeep

  • Decreased Tier 1 Unit cost by 5 energy (excluding Scouts)
  • Decreased Tier 2 Unit cost by 10 energy (excluding Ships)
  • Decreased Tier 3 Unit cost by 15 energy (excluding Ships)
  • Decreased Tier 4 Unit cost by 30 energy
  • Decreased Tier 4 Unit upkeep from 24 energy to 18
  • Decreased the production costs of ships by 50

Economy: Razing

  • Razing an enemy sector base now gives 30 income per level of the sector, matching the sector’s type (so razing a level 4 production sector will give 120 production)
  • Razing an enemy colony gives the reward for razing all of its sectors, plus a fixed amount of Cosmite and Energy for each colonist in the colony.


  • Attack requests, renamed War Coordination, have changed to allow setting the location where the AI should attack or defend instead of requesting them to attack a specific player.
  • AI players more easily demand peace or vassalage if the enemy player has lost colonies and/or their headquarters during the war.
  • AI players are now more accepting towards vassalage demands during war.
  • When meeting another player, you now have the option to check where you met that player.
  • When discovering another player with concealed units, you now get the choice to trigger a meeting with that player or to remain concealed.
  • You can now offer contact information as part of a trade deal.
  • Ending a vassalage through trading now reverts the diplomatic state back to a non-aggression pact.
  • The amount of turns before ‘Overcome Dislikes’ becomes available as trade item was changed from 20 to 10 turns.
  • Decreased the trade value of ‘Overcome Dislikes’ from 500 to 300 energy (2x -> 1.5x the value of the opinion modifier).
  • AI players will no longer offer less than 60% the value of any Casus Belli they want to ask the player to forget.
  • Decreased the trade value of Casus Belli points from 50 to 40 energy.
  • Decreased the Casus Belli point value of “Ignored claim on sector” from 5 to 4 points.
  • AI players will now send trades involving Casus Belli more often.
  • AI planning system now tries to maintain good relations even if the planning system wants to have a lower diplomatic state.
  • AI plans will now be updated more frequently and AIs try to back out of a war quicker to make sure the AI is more responsive and more likely to sue for peace.
  • AI players are now more likely back out of a war if they do not have the military support to fight the war.
  • AI players will now try to offer more energy when trying to back out of a war.

AI Improvements

  • AI players show more hostility during wars by attacking sooner and more frequently.
  • AI players will now better prioritize tasks that are relevant to them; for example they ignore defending marauder units and quest units when planning an attack.
  • AI players now handle threat levels from opposing stacks better; making it so they no longer stay defensive for a long time.
  • AI players will now prioritize building higher tier units earlier in a game.
  • AI players research prioritization has been tweaked to make sure they have the research available to suit their plans.
  • AI players now mod their units more effectively and upgrade them with better mods once they become available.
  • All of the above AI changes have been balanced around the new difficulty settings.
  • When a single stack is attacked by multiple stacks, the AI will better handle focusing down one stack rather than splitting its forces
  • The AI is less inclined to split up armies when all units in it are moving towards the same goal.


  • Max number of heroes – Decreased default from 5 to 4. This will only affect new games.
  • Renamed AI Difficulty Levels:
    • ‘Very Easy’ is renamed to ‘Easy’
    • ‘Easy’ is renamed to ‘Normal’
    • ‘Normal’ is renamed to ‘Hard’
    • ‘Hard’ is renamed to ‘Very Hard’
    • ‘Very Hard’ is renamed to ‘Extreme’
  • ‘Normal’ is now the default level for the enemy AI.
  • Safe Battle is renamed to Very Low Risk Battle (since occasionally you will lose units)
  • When you lose your capital colony, you now get an emergency quest to make a new one
  • All doomsday operation levels have had a text pass to make them easier to read
  • Added type icons to the strategic operations in the Operations Overview
  • There is now a tooltip that explains the success chance of sabotaging operations.
  • Doctrines and Strategic Operations are now displayed under the same tab, with dividers to separate them
  • Active and Priming Operations are now displayed under the same tab, with dividers to separate them.
  • Added a dedicated tab in the Operations Overview that shows other players active operations.
  • When targeting a player with a Covert Operation, there is now a tooltip that explains where the success chance comes from
  • Added available operation count to the operations button on the minimap
  • City name in the city header can now be clicked to change the city name.
  • Updated the tooltips for annexing sectors, building colonies and building forward bases to make it clearer what they do and why they are different from each other
  • Updated the descriptions on the sector exploitations and central structures to make it clearer what they do.
  • Added a nicer interface to the event for completing an Empire Task.
  • An icon now appears next to all hero items you get as rewards, so you can easily see the difference between a unit reward and a hero vehicle
  • The “Metamorphosis” ability on the unit panel now lists what the unit will evolve into.
  • Units that Evolve with metamorphosis now display clearly in the tooltip that describes what they get when they reach Prime Rank.

Interface: Strategic Map

  • Sector borders are now hidden by default (Colony borders are still visible). You can view the borders of a sector by selecting a structure within it, or attempting to move an army into it. Sector Borders can be re-enabled in the World UI settings.
  • Improved Unit Outlines to make them stand out more on the Strategic Map.
  • Moved the ‘Unit Outlines’ toggle from ‘Advanced Video’ into ‘World UI’
  • Added some more color to the energy, food and research pickups to make them easier to see
  • Imperial Defense particles are now only shown if the structure is a threat to the player.
  • It is now possible to reject a hero who offers to join you. Moving a stack onto a recruitable hero now always triggers an attack, instead of opening the Recruit Hero dialog.

Interface: Overview Map

  • Added Domain Fill to the Overview Map
  • Exploited sectors now show an icon on the economic orbital view that displays their level.
  • A pass has been done over the economy overview to add icons for all things that can give income.
  • Icons in the economy overview have been updated in general to make it clearer what is what.
  • Icons in the economy overview get a red outline if the income from the thing is blocked due to enemy forces (i.e. marauders have captured it, or you have yet to remove the defenders).
  • Dwellings, Landmarks, Exploited sectors and Settlement icons are now 40% larger.
  • Dwellings and Settlements icons are now shown on the military orbital view.
  • The names of settlements are now visible on the orbital view.
  • Imperial Defense particles in orbital view changed from green to orange

Interface: Tactical Map

  • Events are now always visible in tactical combat (previously they were only visible in Controller mode)
  • Added an event in combat for when you lose a unit
  • Clicking an event for a combat operation being used will now open the tome of wonders explaining what the operation does
  • Upscaled and centered the status/shield icon in TC unit banners.
  • You will now see a popup when you put your units into defense mode or overwatch
  • When playing with a controller in tactical combat, friendly units will no longer be listed in among the quick targets (unless free targeting is enabled) for damaging abilities. Similarly hostile units will not be shown for healing abilities unless free targeting is enabled.
  • Combat speed of the AI turn is now remembered between battles


  • A cheat detection system has been added which will warn players upon rejoining when one player is found to be using software which modifies the game for an unfair advantage.
  • Turn timer now pauses on dialog screens in multiplayer.
  • Operations panel now closes when the turn timer ends.


  • Extended auto-explore, after doing the high level exploration, it will now try and explore cells it hasn’t explored yet.
  • Camera now moves to the location of the pickup when it is collected.
  • When auto-explore cancels itself, it now shows a popup explaining that no targets were found.


  • Reduced the amount of text and duplicate information
  • Upon completing the tutorial, the player is now directed to play on a ‘Practice World’, with all settings on Easy/Low Intensity, before continuing the campaign.


  • Empire tasks are now disabled in the three campaign starter missions (Leave-6, Arcadia Caeleste, Chimera Glacialis) to reduce the information overload and parallel questing for new players.
  • NPC Faction quests, demands and invasions are now happening less frequently in the three campaign starter missions (Leave-6, Arcadia Caeleste, Chimera Glacialis).
  • Merged or removed some of the quests from the Leave-6 (Vanguard 01) mission to reduce the text and tasks the player has to read and follow.
  • Each campaign map now has a difficulty rating on a scale of 1 to 5


  • Decreased initial Colonizer cost from 20 Cosmite to 10
  • Capital Colonies now have an inherent +1 to the garrison size (so building the first garrison building in your capital gives you the same garrison as a normal colony with 2 garrison buildings)
  • Turrets and other defensive structures are now disabled when a colony is occupied (so if you capture an enemy city, the turrets will not be active when the original owner comes to get it back)
  • Garrison and Defense structures are now removed from cities when they’re absorbed or migrated by another player.
  • When replacing a unit mod, the complete Cosmite cost of the old mod is subtracted from the Cosmite cost of the new mod (previously only half was subtracted).
  • The defense from Alert Levels no longer applies when sabotaging operations that affect other players.
  • Fumbles now convert hits to Grazes and Grazes to Misses (if the attack cannot graze, then fumbles mean it will always miss). Before Fumbles forced misses in all circumstances.
  • Increased the Fumble chance for Low Morale from 15/30/50% per level to 20/40/60%
  • Each NPC faction you are not at war with will now add 1 turn to the delay between quests for all factions.
  • The delay between quests for factions will now gradually increase as the game progresses, ending at +4 turns in the late game.
  • Added a new category of water defenders who use racial ships and aircraft, so you can fight against enemy ships in water battles.
  • Essence Gash Hazard no longer deals damage when units gain an Essence Charge
  • Melee attacks now bypass all effects that make a unit harder to hit (previously this was only the case for about half of the evasion effects)
  • Decreased Small Target ‘Harder to hit’ from 20% to 10%


  • Amazons are no longer guaranteed to start in Arcadian terrain
  • Harrier – Now has Superior Overwatch
  • Harrier ‘Interception Blasters’ – Increased damage from 8 to 10
  • Harrier ‘Laser Bombardment’ – Increased range from 4 to 6
  • Harrier ‘Laser Bombardment’ does a separate accuracy check for each target struck
  • Tyrannodon – Increased move points from 32 to 40
  • Tyrannodon ‘Rapid Laser Cannon’ – Increased range from 4 to 5
  • Tyrannodon ‘Rapid Laser Cannon’ – Increased damage from 14 to 15
  • Tyrannodon ‘Rapid Laser Cannon’ – Gained ‘High Impact’
  • Arborian Queen – Changed Prime Rank from ‘Morale’ to +1 Range
  • Arborian Queen – Increased armor from 0 to 1
  • Arborian Queen ‘Hyper Pollination’ – Increased heal from 25 to 35 hp
  • Arborian Queen ‘Hyper Pollination’ Changed from ‘Once per battle’ to 4 Turn Cooldown
  • Nourishing Pylon – Increased hp from 30 to 50 hit points
  • Amplifying Pylon – Increased hp from 30 to 50 hit points
  • Protective Growth Tactical Operation – Increased heal from 10 to 15 hp
  • Hero Skill ‘Call of The Wild’ – Now works on Aquatic Maps and summons Aquatic Wildlife.
  • Hero Skill ‘Call of The Wild’ – Is now on a 4 turn cooldown
  • Hero Skill ‘Biology Expert’ – Now works on Cyborg units.
  • Hero Skill ‘Biology Expert’ – Changed from +2 Biochemical Resistance to grant +5 Hit Points to units in the stack
  • Hero Skill ‘War Cry’ – Changed from ‘Full Action’ to a ‘Single Action’
  • Grounding Harness – Decreased Arc Resistance from 4 to 2
  • Regenerative Bioregulator – Decreased Biochemical Resistance from 4 to 3
  • Advanced Instinct Controller – No longer gives Psionic resistance
  • Advanced Instinct Controller – Now gives +2 status effect resistance
  • Advanced Instinct Controller – Decreased gained morale from 300 to 200
  • Removed ‘Planetary Cleanup’ Doctrine
  • Progressive Cultivation – Moved from Tier 1 Research to Tier 5
  • Progressive Cultivation – Decreased food income from Arcadian Sectors from +10 to +8
  • Progressive Cultivation – Now grants +8 food to all colonies
  • Added Ecological Warfare doctrine to tier 1 tech
    • All melee and biological attacks on units have a strength 8 chance to apply poison to cyborg and biological targets
    • All units heal an additional 6hp per turn on the world map
  • Removed Arboreal Habitation Doctrine
  • Added ‘Arboreal Eden’ Doctrine – Grants +6 happiness income per forest sector in a city, +200 morale for units in forests and decreases the movement cost of land units in forest hexes by 2.
  • Bio Crusade Doctrine – Adds Frenzy to Mounted and Animal melee units
  • Arcadian Restoration – Decreased Energy cost from 100 to 50
  • Arcadian Restoration – Decreased Operation Point cost from 10 to 5
  • Arcadian Restoration – Can now only target friendly or unoccupied sectors
  • Introduce Predator – Replaced with ‘Clone Predator’ operation, for 200 energy and 20 operation points, summon a random high tier animal at the target location.
    • Can summon: Mega Beetle, Quartzite Basher, Quartzite Crystal Basher, Misfortune, Voradon, Wild Bombardon, Hopperhound Mantis
    • Can also summon: Quartzite Worm, Quartzite Crystal Worm. The chance of getting a Tier 4 unit is 1/15

We’re trying to improve the unique gameplay elements of the Amazon, by improving their abilities to use forests and mind-controlled wildlife units.

  • Animals under Amazon control (excluding Xenoplague, Growth and the Racial units) now gain ‘Primal Controller’ – Grants +10% damage, +10% accuracy and 2 shields.
  • Forest Genesis – Moved from Tier 4 Research to Tier 2
  • Rapid Reforestation – Decreased Energy cost from 100 to 50
  • Rapid Reforestation – Decreased Operation Point cost from 10 to 5
  • Removed Selective Breeding Doctrine
  • Added ‘Advanced Wildlife Militarization’ Doctrine – Grants 200 morale, +10 hit points and +50% XP gain to all animals and mounted units under the player’s control.
  • All non-flying non-floating units under the control of an Amazon player now gain Expedited Movement: Forest


  • Inspector – Increased hit points from 25 to 30
  • Inspector – Added +1 vision range
  • Inspector ‘Arc Rod’ – Increased damage from 6 to 7
  • Vorpal Sniper ‘Vorpal Shot’ – Decreased damage from 18 to 16
  • Vorpal Sniper ‘Vorpal Shot’ – Changed High Impact to Massive Impact
  • Electrocutioner now applies Electrified on all its attacks
  • Reverse Engineer – Removed ‘Repurpose Corpse’
  • Reverse Engineer – Changed ‘Defense Mode’ to ‘Defense Mode: Shields Up’
  • Reverse Engineer – Using Reassemble or Advanced Reassemble will now put the unit into defense mode
  • Reverse Engineer ‘Create Construct’ – Changed from ‘Once per Battle’ to 3 Turn Cooldown
  • Reverse Engineer Constructs – Now inherits mods from the Reverse Engineer
  • Lightning Rider ‘Arc Strike’ – Now does full damage to all affected hexes
  • Lightning Rider ‘Arc Strike’ – Added High Impact
  • Lightning Rider ‘Arc Strike’ – Enters ‘Defense Mode’ after use
  • Disassembler ‘Gatling Gun’ – Added High Impact
  • Storm Wader ‘Storm Call’ – No longer ‘Scatters’ when it misses.
  • Wrecker ‘Wild Swing’ – Changed from Full Action to Single Action
  • Reassembly Module can now be given to the wrecker
  • Reassemble and Advanced Reassemble now also work on Mechanical units
  • Advanced Biotics – Added ‘Miniaturized Corpse Processor’ grants ‘Repurpose Corpse’
  • ‘Repurpose Corpse’ – Destroys target corpse,
  • ‘Repurpose Corpse’ – Heals the user for 30hp
  • ‘Repurpose Corpse’ – Enters ‘Defense Mode’.
  • ‘Repurpose Corpse’ – Ability is now ‘Once per battle’
  • Flesh Tearer Implants – Removed bonus damage against biological and cyborg
  • Flesh Tearer Implants – Added 4 lifesteal per hit versus biological and cyborg
  • Flesh Tearer Implants – Can now be applied on Heavy Units
  • Cloaking Implants – Changed 40% harder to hit by overwatch to 15% harder to hit
  • Cloaking Implants – Increased armor from +1 to +2
  • Neurotoxin Implant – Changed Debilitating Infection to Neural Toxin
  • ‘Adhesive Artillery’ Operation – Decreased AoE range from 3 to 2
  • ‘Adhesive Artillery’ Operation – Decreased ‘Slow’ from 3 turns to 2
  • ‘Signal Shredding’ Operation – Changed ‘Static Charge’ on failure to Massive Impact
  • The Scavenger doctrine now only boosts raw resources gained as rewards by 50%, and no longer affects units or hero items.


  • Prospector ‘Eat Dust’ – Now disables all abilities after use, except for defense modes.
  • Prospector ‘Toss Bomb’ – Increased Range from 4 to 5
  • Prospector ‘Toss Bomb’ – Decreased Accuracy from 100% to 90%
  • Prospector ‘Toss Bomb’ – Removed Ranged falloff
  • Prospector – Decreased hit points from 40 to 35
  • Prospecting now gives production and sometimes a small amount of energy or research
  • Trenchers – Decreased the Accuracy bonus of Trench from 25% to 10%
  • Baron ‘Disruptor Device’ – Increased Action Point removal from 1 to all when triggered
  • Baron – Now gives healing to all mechanical units in their army on the Strategic Map
  • Sapper – Assault tunnel is now counted as a Melee Attack
  • Earth Crusher ‘Defense Cannons’ – Decreased range from 9 to 5
  • Earth Crusher ‘Tractor Beam’ – Decreased range from 7 to 5
  • Earth Crusher ‘Tractor Beam’ – Changed from Full Action to Single Action
  • Earth Crusher ‘Tractor Beam’ – Stagger now works correctly
  • Earth Crusher ‘Tractor Beam’ – Increased strength chance to immobilize from 8 to 12
  • Earth Crusher ‘Grinder’ – Changed from Beginning of Turn to End of Turn
  • Earth Crusher ‘Grinder’ – Added strength 8 chance to apply ‘immobilize’ for 1 turn
  • Earth Crusher ‘Crush and Process’ – Can now target heavy units. Kill chance is still for light units only.
  • Earth Crusher ‘Crush and Process’ – Increased damage from 15 to 25.
  • Earth Crusher ‘Crush and Process’ – Increased strength chance to kill light units from 6 to 8
  • Earth Crusher – Increased Hit Points from 80 to 100
  • Earth Crusher – Increased armor from 6 to 7
  • Earth Crusher – Can now correctly equip the Super Powered Pistons mod
  • Earth Crusher – Changed Prime Rank from Overwatch to Shrug Off
  • Earth Crusher ‘Earth Crack’ operation – Decreased cost from 250 to 125 Energy
  • Hero Vehicle ‘Ramjet’ – Changed from ‘Defense Mode’ to ‘Defense Mode: Evasion’
  • Illuminator Targeting System ‘Targeting Flare’ – Decreased Range from 9 to 7
  • Illuminator Targeting System ‘Targeting Flare’ – Changed from Single Action to Free Action
  • Illuminator Targeting System ‘Targeting Flare’ – Decreased Bonus damage against illuminated units from 30% to 20%
  • Captain’s Regalia – Decreased Morale bonus from 400 to 300
  • Reactive Kinetic Battery ‘Unleash Stored Energy’ – Now ignores Line of Sight
  • Reactive Kinetic Battery ‘Unleash Stored Energy’ – Changed High Impact to Massive Impact
  • ‘Localized Earthquake Generator’ Operation – Decreased costs from 6 Operation Points and 75 Energy to 3 Operation Points and 45 Energy
  • ‘Localized Earthquake Generator’ Operation – Increased obstacle damage from 15 to 50
  • ‘Deploy Trenchers’ Operation – Increased Operation cost from 8 Operation Points to 10
  • ‘General Alert Protocol’ Operation – Changed from affect ‘All friendly units’ to ‘All friendly units within 2 hex radius’
  • ‘Tectonic Shift’ Operation can can now only target enemy or unoccupied sectors
  • ‘Fortification Efforts’ Doctrine now also removes all energy upkeep from defensive structures.


  • Hidden ‘Psi-Rifle Snap Shot’ – Removed High Impact
  • Engulfer – Increased HP from 35 to 40
  • Transcendent ‘Absorb Pain’ – Expires after 3 turns
  • Transcendent ‘Absorb Pain’ – Can be cancelled by staggering the Transcendent
  • Transcendent ‘Absorb Pain’ – Changed from ‘Once per Battle’ to 2 Turn Cooldown
  • Harbinger ‘Psi Torrent’ – Decreased damage from 15 to 13
  • Harbinger ‘Vengeful Presence’ – Decreased damage boost from 25 to 20
  • Hero Skill ‘Guiding Presence’ – Renamed to ‘Guiding Aura’
  • Hero Skill ‘Guiding Aura’ – Changed from map wide to 1 hex range and applies in an AoE of radius 1
  • Hero Skill ‘Echo of the Hivemind’ – Decreased costs from 2 Skill Points to 1
  • Hero Skill ‘Echo of the Hivemind’ – Decreased shields from +2 to +1
  • Psi-Infected Claws – Increased strength proc chances from 8/4 to 10/6
  • Poison Excretion – Increased AoE damage from 6 to 10
  • Poison Excretion – Increased ‘Death’ damage from 16 to 20
  • Accelerated Healing – Renamed to ‘Regenerative Carapace’
  • Regenerative Carapace, Adaptive Carapace and Cloaking Carapace are now mutually exclusive, and cannot be combined.
  • Regeneration – Moved from Tier 2 Research to Tier 3
  • Resilience – Moved from Tier 4 Research to Tier 5
  • Infection – Moved from Tier 5 Research to Tier 4
  • Vigorous Emergence – Moved from Tier 3 Research to Tier 2
  • ‘Act Of Reconciliation’ Doctrine – Added +3 Influence Income per turn
  • ‘Spawn Emergent’ Operation – Increased Operation cost from 5 to 7
  • ‘Healing Surge’ Operation – Increased heal from 15 to 20hp


  • The Overseer now provides healing on the world map to all biological units in its army
  • Zenith ‘House Anthem’ – Changed from ‘Once per battle’ to 4 Turn Cooldown
  • Zenith ‘Pulse Turrets’ – Increased damage from 14 to 16
  • Hero Skill ‘Keen Sight’ – Decreased Skill Point costs from 6 to 3
  • Hero Skill ‘Keen Sight’ – Changed Agile Overwatch to Superior Overwatch
  • Psitec Vision Enhancers – Removed Psionic Resistance
  • Psitec Vision Enhancers – Added +10% accuracy
  • ‘Bread and Circuses’ Operation – Increased happiness gained from 10 to 12
  • ‘Bread and Circuses’ Operation – Added 50% reward increase from happiness events
  • ‘PsiTec Cerebral Execution’ Operation -Can target all Biological and Cyborg units, except Commanders
  • ‘Tactical Advantage Protocol’ Operation – Decreased Operation costs from 3 Operation Points and 40 energy to 2 Operation Points and 30 Energy
  • ‘Tactical Advantage Protocol’ Operation – Moved from Military Dominance to Exploit Weakness
  • ‘Diversion Projector’ Operation – Moved from Exploit Weakness to Preventative Control


  • Engineer ‘Targeting Calibration’ – Added Range +1
  • Engineer ‘Targeting Calibration’ – Changed from ‘Mechanical Only’ to ‘Vanguard and Mechanical units’
  • Gunship ‘Aircraft Gun’ – Increased damage from 8 to 9
  • Laser Tank ‘Laser Cannon’ – Decreased damage from 14 to 13
  • Laser Tank ‘Overcharge Laser Cannon’ – Decreased damage from 30 to 24
  • Laser Tank ‘Overcharge Laser Cannon’ – Decreased bypass armor from 5 to 2
  • Laser Tank ‘Overcharge Laser Cannon’ – Now affected by Line of Sight and Cover
  • Laser Tank ‘Overcharge Laser Cannon’ – Changed from ‘Full Action’ to ‘Single Action’
  • Laser Tank ‘Overcharge Laser Cannon’ – Decreased range from 9 to 7
  • Walker ‘Gatling Gun’ – Added High Impact
  • Walker ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Changed from ‘Full Action’ to ‘Free Action’
  • Walker ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Decreased damage from 20 to 16
  • Walker ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Now starts on a 1 turn cooldown
  • Drone Carrier ‘Laser Cannon’ – Decreased damage from 14 to 13
  • Drone Carrier ‘Launch Attack Drone’ – Changed Cooldown from 5 to 2 turns
  • Drone Carrier ‘Launch Skirmish Drone’ – Changed Cooldown from 5 to 2 turns
  • Assault Drone – Increased Hit Points from 20 to 30
  • Skirmish Drone – Increased Hit Points from 20 to 30
  • Skirmish Drone – Changed ‘Powered Impact’ to ‘Laser Impact’
  • Skirmish Drone ‘Laser Impact’ – Counts as a Laser Weapon and does Thermal Damage
  • All Vanguard Drones are now Mindless
  • Reactive Armor Plating – Changed from ‘Heavy Cyborg and Mechanical’ to all ‘Cyborg and Mechanical’ units
  • Launcher Turret – Increased Hit Points from 40 to 50hp
  • Launcher Turret ‘Mini Launcher’ – Increased damage from 15 to 18
  • ‘Emergency Recon’ Operation – Decreased costs from 8 Operation Points and 60 Energy to 4 Operation Points and 40 Energy
  • ‘Direct Command’ Operation – Increased morale from 200 to 400
  • ‘Direct Command’ Operation – Added +10% damage of all affected units
  • ‘Launcher Turret’ Operation – Renamed to ‘Heavy Launcher Turret’ Operation
  • Heavy Launcher Turret
  • This turret has +5 HP (total 55) and +1 Armor (total 4) compared to the normal version
  • Deals +2 damage (total 20)
  • Is considered Heavy and its attacks have ‘Demolisher.’


  • Light Bringer – Increased Hit Points from 45 to 50hp
  • Light Bringer ‘Meteor Dash’ and variants – No longer counts as Melee Attacks
  • Light Bringer ‘Meteor Dash’ and variants – Add strength 8 chance to apply ‘Soul Burn’
  • Star Guide ‘Blinding Light’ – Increased strength chance to ‘Blind’ from 8 to 12
  • Kir’Ko Star Guide ‘Regenerative Light’ – Increased duration from 2 turns to 3
  • Syndicate Star Guide ‘Deceiving Light’ – Increased strength chance to ‘Hallucinate’ from 8 to 12
  • Shield of Remorse – Changed +1 shield to +10hp
  • Tenets of Healing ‘Healing Pulse’ – Changed range from Self to 7
  • Tenets of Pacifism ‘Project Pacifism’ – Changed from ‘Single Action’ to ‘Full Action’
  • Tenets of Pacifism ‘Project Pacifism’ – Changed range from Adjacent to 5
  • ‘Compelling Cause’ Operation – Changed from summoning Tier 1/2 to always summon Tier 2
  • ‘Cleansing Light’ Operation – Now caps at 30 healing/4 Enlightened units
  • ‘Resurgence’ Operation – Added Regeneration for 3 turns
  • ‘Karmic Amplification’ Operation – Added delay between Faction Demands


  • Essence Gash no longer negatively affects any unit belonging to a player using Heritor
  • Siphoner – Moved from Tier 2 Research to Tier 3
  • Siphoner ‘Devotion’ – Increased Cooldown from 1 to 2 turns
  • Quintessence Ark – Can now use the Es’teq Confiscator Mod
  • Quintessence Ark ‘Essence Pulse’ – Renamed to ‘Draining Pulse’
  • Quintessence Ark ‘Draining Pulse’ – Increased damage from 10 to 18
  • Quintessence Ark ‘Draining Pulse’ – Changed Essence Cost to strength 8 chance to apply ‘Energy Drain’
  • High Lord ‘Es’teq Judgement’ – Increased damage per charge from +2 to +5
  • Hero Skill ‘Essence Harvest’ – Reduced Skill Point cost from 3 to 2
  • Hero Skill ‘Essence Disciple’ removed
  • Hero Skill ‘Essence Seeker’ added – Grants attacks a Strength 4 Chance to apply ‘Energy Drain’
  • Essence Gauntlet ‘Essence Expulsion’ – Increased damage per charge from 5 to 8
  • Essence Gauntlet ‘Essence Expulsion’ – Changed from Ground only to Ground and Air units
  • Es’Teq Protector Incarnation – Increased strength change to apply ‘Essence Drain’ from 4 to 8
  • Es’Teq Acolyte Incarnation – Changed +10hp to +1 shields
  • Es’Teq Acolyte Incarnation ‘Essence Sacrifice’ – Renamed to ‘Essence Transfer’
  • Es’Teq Acolyte Incarnation ‘Essence Transfer’ – Changed from Single Action to Free Action
  • Es’Teq Acolyte Incarnation ‘Essence Transfer’ – Can’t affect the caster
  • Es’Teq Acolyte Incarnation ‘Essence Transfer’ – Increased range from 1 to 3
  • Es’Teq Conduit ‘Essence Blast’ – Increased damage from 6 to 8
  • Es’Teq Conduit ‘Essence Blast’ – Increased damage per Essence Charge from +3 to +5
  • ‘Final Rapture’ Operation – Decreased chance to lose colonist and spawn Drained unit per turn from 40% to 20%
  • ‘Rite of Revitalization’ Operation – Decreased heal from 20/50 to 15/30


  • Plasmoid – Removed ‘Small Target’
  • Purifier – Increased Hit Points from 40 to 45hp
  • Purifier ‘Plasma Blast’ – No longer loses accuracy for long range shots
  • Purifier ‘Launch Plasma Bombs’ – Changed from ‘Full Action’ to ‘Single Action’
  • Purifier ‘Launch Plasma Bombs’ – Increased Cooldown from 1 to 2 turns
  • Phoenix Walker – Now has melee overwatch
  • Phoenix Walker ‘Torrent of Flame’ – Now ignores Line of Sight and long range accuracy penalties
  • Hero Skill ‘Fallout Protocols’ – Added +1 Armor
  • ‘Plasmoid Deployment’ Operation – Increased Operation cost from 6 to 8
  • ‘Plasma Ray Defense’ Operation – Now only lasts for the first 5 turns of combat


  • Whisper of Discord – Increased Hit Points from 25 to 30 hp
  • Initiate – Increased armor from 0 to 1
  • Initiate – Removed Detection
  • Initiate – Added Flanker (Except for Syndicate Initiate)
  • Initiate ‘Soul Spear’ – Increased damage from 7 to 14
  • Initiate ‘Soul Spear’ – Decreased range from 7 to 5
  • Initiate ‘Soul Spear’ – Changed from Repeating to Single Action
  • Initiate ‘Soul Spear’ – Increased strength chance to apply ‘Broken Mind’ from 8 to 12
  • Initiate ‘Soul Spear’ – Added High Impact
  • Initiate ‘Devour Hope’ – Increased strength chance to apply ‘Filled with Despair’ from 8 to 10
  • Syndicate Initiate – Changed costs from 100 Energy and 270 Production to 70 Energy and 250 Production
  • Kir’Ko Initiate – Increased Hit Points from 40 to 45hp
  • Kir’Ko Initiate – Changed ‘Soul Spear’ to ‘Soul Rend’, a new melee ability
  • Kir’Ko Initiate – Increased Move Points from 32 to 40
  • Assembly Initiate – Now leaves a corpse on death, when Reconstruct The Soul ability is triggered
  • Malictor – Removed Detection
  • Malictor ‘Soul Seeker’ – Decreased strength chance to apply Broken Mind from 8 to 4
  • Assembly Malictor – Now leaves a corpse on death, when ‘Reconstruct The Soul’ ability is triggered
  • Hero Skill ‘Sadism’ – Replaced with ‘Soul Breaker’
  • Hero Skill ‘Soul Breaker – Adds a strength 8 chance to apply ‘Broken Mind’ to all attacks
  • ‘Filled with Despair’ – Increased morale penalty from 300 to 400
  • ‘Dark Locusts’ – Increased damage per turn from 10 to 15
  • ‘Dark Locusts’ – Increased from range 5 to 7
  • ‘Dark Locusts’ – Changed from ‘Once per Battle’ to 2 Turn Cooldown
  • ‘Broken Mind’ – Increased morale penalty from 100 to 200
  • ‘Haunting Melody’ – Changed from -20% accuracy to +20% Fumble chance
  • Mark of The Dark Sun – Removed Psionic Resistance
  • Mark of The Dark Sun – Increased base damage bonus from 10% to 20%
  • ‘Whisper of Discord’ Operation – Increased costs from 6 Operation Points to 8
  • ‘Abyssal Tear’ Operation – Changed to only target land sectors
  • ‘Abyssal Tear’ Operation – Decreased costs from 140 Energy and 16 Operation Points to 120 Energy and 12 Operation Points
  • ‘Dark Icon’ Operation – Decreased costs from 45 Energy and 4 Operation Points to 25 Energy and 1 Operation Point
  • ‘Sacrifice to the Abyss’ Operation – Changed summon from ‘Weakened Herald of Oblivion’ to ‘Full Herald of Oblivion’
  • ‘The Dirge’ Operation – Now triggers ‘Broken Mind’ every other turn in combat
  • ‘Torture Regimens’ Doctrine – Changed from +3 Psionic Resistance to now gives +1 resistance to all damage channels


  • Amazon Hacker – Can now use the ‘Scan: Catalogue’ ability
  • Vanguard Hacker – Can now use the ‘Targeting Calibration’ ability
  • Hero Skill ‘Compromise Exploitation’ – Renamed to ‘Electrification Subroutines’
  • Hero Skill ‘Electrification Subroutines’ – Changed target from ‘Only Compromised’ to all units.
  • ‘Reactivate Imperial Androids’ Operations – Changed summoned units from 1 to 2.
  • ‘Motion Control Hack’ Operation – Added 10 Arc Damage
  • ‘Motion Control Hack’ Operation – Increased strength chance to apply ‘Immobilize’ from 4 to 8
  • ‘Localized System Shutdown’ Operation – Increased AoE radius from 2 to 3
  • ‘Localized System Shutdown’ Operation – Added a 8 strength chance to apply ‘Electrified’ to Biological units
  • ‘War of the Machine’ Doctrine – Renamed to ‘Total War Automation’
  • ‘Total War Automation’ Doctrine – Changed from only cyborg and mechanical to all newly produced units.


  • Syndicate Echo Walker – Added ‘Universal Camouflage’
  • Rift Generator – Is now a Large Target
  • Rift Generator ‘Distortion Rift Coils’ – Decreased damage from 13 to 10
  • Rift Generator ‘Dimensional Desync’ – Changed to a strength 10 chance when used against an enemy, causing instability on failure
  • Rift Generator ‘Dimensional Desync’ – Increased range from 5 to 7
  • Rift Generator ‘Dimensional Desync’ – Changed from ‘Single Action’ to ‘Full Action’
  • Rift Generator ‘Dimensional Rift’ – Decreased range from 9 to 7
  • Hero Skill ‘Phase Shift’ – Changed from Full Action to Single Action Continue
  • Echo Walker – Moved from Tier 2 Research to Tier 3
  • Phase Manipulator – Moved from Tier 4 Research to Tier 5
  • ‘Void Storm’ Operation – Can now only target land sectors
  • ‘Dimensional Vortex Bomb’ Operations – No longer applies Dimensional Instability
  • ‘Void Barriers’ Operations – Changed to strength 4 physical chance to apply Slow Movement for 2 turns on all enemies every 2 turns
  • ‘Dimensional Collapse’ Operations – Increased strength chance to kill a unit from 8 to 12
  • ‘Dimensional Collapse’ Operations – Can target everything except Commanders.


  • Pustule Mutation has been removed. Pustules will now spawn without needing research, and the Pestilence Weapon is now unlocked with the Destroyer.
  • Tweaked the spawning algorithm to slightly reduce the rate that new pustules are spawned, and increase the chance that a unit evolves instead of a new pustule being spawned.
  • Pustules will no longer be spawned for players who are not active in battle
  • Destroyer – Increased armor from 2 to 3
  • Destroyer – Added ‘Skitter’
  • Xenografted Muscles – Added a strength 12 chance to apply ‘Parasitic Infection’ to all melee abilities from Xenoplague units and hero items.
  • Plague Pods – Changed from Non-Animal to any unit
  • ‘Parasitic Strike’ Operation – Increased costs from 25 Energy and 1 Operation Point to 40 Energy and 2 Operation Points
  • ‘Parasitic Strike’ Operation – Increased damage from 10 to 15
  • ‘Xeno Contamination Strike’ Operation – Increased damage from 15 to 20
  • ‘Xeno Contamination Strike’ Operation – Unstable Contamination now lasts until the end of combat
  • ‘Hyperstimulation Beam’ Operation – Can now jump to 2 other valid targets within 2 hexes


  • Rabid Piglet – Added ‘Skitter’
  • Wild Bombardon ‘Gland Secretion’ – Increased damage from 12 to 14
  • Wild Bombardon – Increased armor from 1 to 3

As part of the push to make Amazon wildlife control more fun, we’re adding more Evolutions to animals.

  • Baby Beetles no longer have Rapid evolution
  • Hopperhound Manhunter now evolves into a Hopperhound Blademaw at prime rank
  • Hopperhound Blademaw now evolve into a Hopperhound Eviscerator at prime rank
  • Quartzite Liquid Flame now evolves into a Quartzite Basher at prime rank
  • Quartzite Liquid Crystal now evolves into a Quartzite Crystal Basher at prime rank
  • Rabid Piglet will now evolve into a Megasow at prime rank
  • Octowhale will now evolve into an Elder Octowhale at prime rank


  • Jacopo of House Egdan starts with Sadism and a PsiTec grenade instead of Deploy Cerebral Control Collars
  • Kiryla the Seductress now starts with Disperse Distracting Pheromones instead of Disperse Love Pheromones
  • Anomalous Site Hero – Franky Nissen’s Spark Droid is no longer Small Target and looks slightly bigger

Firearm Mods

  • Ammunition: Fire Burst – AoE attacks no longer deal additional status effects inherited from unit
  • Ammunition: Fire Burst – Increased AoE damage from 50% to 75%
  • Kinetic Phase Modulator – Decreased shields bypassed from 4 to 3


  • ‘Rot Proliferation’ Operation – Decreased costs from 4 Operation Points to 2 Operation Points


  • ‘AI Factory Overseers’ Doctrine – Changed from 10 Production and 5 Happiness when all production slots filled to flat 8 happiness


  • Heavy Soldier ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Changed from ‘Full Action’ to ‘Free Action’
  • Heavy Soldier ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Decreased damage from 20 to 16
  • Heavy Soldier ‘Upgraded Strike Missile’ – Now starts on a 1 turn cooldown
  • Paragon Soldier can now use both damage channel swapping Ammunition and Explosives
  • Paragon Soldier and Heavy Soldier will no longer receive Overdrive while carrying these mods.
  • ‘Imperial Mandate’ Doctrine – Added +4 Influence income per turn


  • Mind Barrier – Increased shields from +1 to +2
  • Mind Barrier – Changed +6 Psionic status effect resistance to +2 status effect resistance
  • Mind Barrier – Decreased Psionic resistance from +3 to +2

Operations: Strategic

  • Dawn Of A New Union Tech – Can now be unlocked by researching any Tier 3 Economic Tech
  • Tier 7 Doctrine Tech – Can can now be unlocked by researching any Tier 5 Economic Tech
  • Counter Ops – Can now be unlocked by any Tier 2 Economic Tech
  • Sensor Technologies – Can now be unlocked by any Tier 6 Economic Tech
  • ‘Resurrect Hero’ Operation – Increased cost from 8 Operation Points to 16 Operation Points
  • ‘Concentrated Gravity Flux’ Operation – Increased Strategic Movement cost from 2 to 4
  • ‘Concentrated Gravity Flux’ Operation – Added a strength 4 chance to apply ‘Slow’ on enemy units every 2 Turns.

Operations: Tactical

  • All tactical operations that cost 4 or more Tactical points had their cost reduced by 1
    • Excluding: One with the Swarm; PsiTech Cerebral Execution; Starlight Projector; Mass Insanity; Area of Reprieve; Rite of Dissemination; Hyperstimulation Beam
  • ‘Starlight Projector’ Operation – Decreased Thermal Weakness from 5 to 3
  • ‘Laser Ablation’ Operation – Added shield & armor bypass
  • ‘Mass Insanity’ Operation – Decreased strength chance to apply ‘Insane’ from 8 to 6
  • ‘Psionic Bolstering’ Operation – Changed from 3 turns to end of combat
  • Mantra Of Control ‘Dominate’ – No longer affects Mindless units
  • ‘Positron Converter’ Operation – Decreased bonus arc damage from 100% to 60%
  • ‘Pulse Disruption Lance’ Operation – Changed from Mechanical or Cyborg to all Units
  • ‘Pulse Disruption Lance’ Operation – Increased damage from 25 to 30
  • ‘Pulse Disruption Lance’ Operation – Added a strength 12 chance to apply ‘Electrified’ on Biological units.
  • ‘Aeon Flux Charge’ Operation – Removed chance to apply ‘Overloaded’
  • ‘Aeon Flux Charge’ Operation – Added +2 Shields
  • ‘Arc Manifold’ Operation – Increased damage from 8 to 10
  • ‘Virulent Canister’ Operation – Increased explode AoE from 1 to 2
  • ‘Creeping Barrage’ Operation – Increased damage from 15 to 20
  • ‘Creeping Barrage’ Operation – Increased duration and max radius by 1
  • ‘Tactical Nuclear Strike’ Operation – Changed from falloff damage to flat damage
  • ‘Tactical Nuclear Strike’ Operation – Decreased damage from 25 to 20
  • ‘Tactical Nuclear Strike’ Operation – Increased strength chance to apply ‘Blind’ from 8 to 12

Operations: Covert
We’re attempting to rebalance to Covert Operations tree to make the operations more viable to be used, and address issues with how much research investment the player must make in order to use them.

  • Global Information Control – Moved from Tier 10 Research to Tier 9
  • ‘Steal Maps’ Operation – Moved from Espionage (Tier 5) to Covert Infiltration (Tier 2)
  • ‘Steal Maps’ Operation – Decreased cost from 100 Energy and 10 Operation Points to 60 Energy and 6 Operation Points
  • ‘Energy Siphon’ Operation – Moved from Covert Infiltration (Tier 2) to Espionage (Tier 5)
  • ‘Universal Data Siphon’ Operation – Increased duration from 5 to 20 Turns
  • ‘Universal Data Siphon’ Operation – Decreased cost from 140 Energy and 16 Operation Points to 120 Energy and 12 Operation Points
  • ‘Locate Armies’ Operation – Increased duration from 5 to 10 Turns
  • ‘Locate Armies’ Operation – Decreased cost from 140 Energy and 16 Operation Points to 100 Energy and 10 Operation Points
  • ‘Sensor Jammers’ Operation – Increased duration from 5 to 10 Turns
  • ‘Sensor Jammers’ Operation – Decreased cost from 120 Energy and 8 Operation Points to 80 Energy and 8 Operation Points
  • ‘Relay Disruption’ Operation – Increased duration from 5 to 10 Turns
  • ‘Relay Disruption’ Operation – Decreased costs from 140 Energy and 16 Operation Points to 100 Energy and 10 Operation Points
  • ‘Infiltrate Operation Center’ Operations – Decreased costs from 60 Energy, 8 Operation Points and 6 Energy per turn to 45 Energy, 6 Operation Points and 4 Energy per turn.
  • ‘Secret State’ Doctrine – Increased Operational Defense from +4 to +5
  • ‘Sabotage Relation with Locals’ Operation – Removed
  • ‘Trigger War with Faction’ Operation – Moved from Global Information Control (Tier 10) to Insurrection Program (Tier 6)
  • ‘Trigger War with Faction’ Operation – Decreased cost from 100 Influence and 20 Operation Points to 80 Influence and 16 Operation Points.
  • ‘Cosmite Translocators’ Operation – New Covert Operation in Global Information Control (Tier 9) that allows you to steal cosmite from other players
  • ‘Deploy Monitor’ Operation – Removed Expiration after 10 Turns
  • ‘Deploy Monitor’ Operation – Now costs 5 Energy per Turn
  • You can now remove your deployed monitors by selecting them and clicking the Raze button

Empire Tasks

  • ‘The Economist’ Doctrine – Decreased resources gained from +15 to +10
  • ‘The Warmonger’ Doctrine – Decreased gained morale from 400 to 200
  • ‘The Tactician’ Doctrine – Decreased Tactical Operation cost reduction from 25% to 15%
  • ‘The Economist’ – Increased Sector Level requirement from 2 to 4

Bug Fixes

  • Sector Bases now correctly have 1 hex range of True Sight
  • Fixed an issue that meant completing The Patron Empire Task could give you an army from a faction you were at war with
  • Maritime Research Facility can now be build in a Psi-Fish Dwelling
  • Fixed rare case where defeated xenoplague players could be awarded units after battle
  • Fixed issue where using Rapid Reforestation would allow a sector to have both ruins and forests at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where quest icons at the edges of the minimap might not show up on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to see another players queued movement by selecting their units on the world map
  • Fixed issue where the wrong commander would be shown in the loading screen if the player would choose a different slot in advanced setup for a random singleplayer planet.
  • Fixed an issue where cities getting razed/absorbed/migrated would sometimes trigger happiness events
  • Fixed small issue where riot events are not showing the number of rioters created in the colony
  • Fixed various issues where the player would be able to keep using operations after losing the structure (e.g. Landmark or Defense) that unlocked the operation.
  • Fixed crash when a colony is razed and one of it’s connected sectors (that will also be razed) contains an Imperial Defense.
  • Fixed issue where walking next to or onto a monitoring station would trigger meeting the owning player, instead the owning player now remains hidden.
  • Global Operations in combat now trigger at the start of the owning players turn (if that player is present), fixing an issue with how long debuffs triggered by these operations last.
  • Fixed an issue that meant Relay Disruption was not available without the Revelations DLC being installed
  • Fixed Battlefield Autopsies giving a food reward for killing heroes as well as a research one
  • Fixed issue where aborting “The Diplomat” doctrine would not remove the opinion modifier other players would have on the player.

Units & Abilities

  • Ancestral Smite now applies one stack of decay, not two
  • Huntress Visual Acuity now works correctly with Flash Arrow
  • FIxed an issue that meant the Megasow’s Devour ability didn’t stack it’s damage buff
  • Fixed an issue that meant you could sometimes not keep mind control units when in enemy territory
  • Fixed the Firestorm Missile not staggering the unit at the center of its strike
  • Fixed bug where Dark Entangle wouldn’t prevent movement abilities
  • Fixed a bug where Primal Override wasn’t doing its strength check correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where units mind controlled from the inside of structures would not be able to earn XP (this is fix is not retroactive, so units captured before the patch will still have this issue)
  • Fixed a lot of dispel abilities that weren’t dispelling Entropy debuffs
  • The biological recovery ability that gives healing to stack mates is now visible in the unit panel
  • Fixed issue where Filled WIth Despair wouldn’t trigger on killing a unit that turned into an obstacle on death
  • Fixed an issue that meant that heroes wouldn’t transfer mods to units they summon in combat
  • Fixed an issue where heroes in Wrecker vehicles would behave strangely when killed
  • Fixed an issue where the Avatar of the Abyss mod didn’t correctly apply to all attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the Debilitating Strain mod applied the wrong modifier to single shot attacks.
  • Fixed the Auto-Torpedo particles floating mid-air. Also the Imperial Behemoth Submarine now sways in the water
  • Upgraded Strike Missile is now affected by damage channel swapping mods.
  • Fixed an issue where spawn forest could be used by any unit.
  • Fixed Paragon Fanatic can now correctly use the Arc Extension mod
  • Technoclast Doctrine – Fixed an issue that prevented doctrine from working correctly.
  • Pain Mirror now correctly applies Broken Mind to the units it hits
  • Wild Bombardon can now correctly equip Bio mods


  • Pathfinder will no longer suggest paths that move over cells that are running an operation.
  • Moving onto a hazard that is being removed by another player now requires declaring war as it will cancel the operation.
  • Fixed an issue where a modifier (-20% accuracy) meant to make battles easier was being applied to all battles versus independent units. This modifier will now only be applied to independents in Low World Threat games, or when using Auto-Combat.
  • Fixed a bug where auto-explore would keep going back and forth between 2 positions
  • Fix a crash when trying to send an auto-explore command when no stack is selected.
  • Fixed issue where the AI thought that the Pacify debuff should be applied to allies instead of enemies
  • Fixed issue where auto-explore would not wait when picking up item crates.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would prioritize standing next to units which apply negative effects to adjacent units.


  • Fixed issue where you could create a lobby without a name.
  • Fixed an issue when the multiplayer session screen was empty, the user could get stuck with an controller after trying to refresh the page.
  • Fixed issue where button prompts would disappear after attempting to enter the lobby, but an error occurred in the meantime.


  • Fixed issue where starting a team game with all players in “No Team” would affect race relations.
  • Fixed issue where offering the same trade in consecutive turns would reset the cooldown that causes the AI to decline the trade because they already declined it in a recent turn.
  • Fixed issue where the open relay agreement treaty was not always available to all players.
  • Fixed issue where demanding to become overlord and offering to open your borders or share your vision in return, would not actually open your borders or share your vision.


  • Fixed a crash when spamming the Done button in the commander customization.
  • Fixed issue where there was a weird layout in the combat engage panel
  • Fixed issue where you could bypass world template creation without entering a name
  • Fixed issue where certain events in the eventlog were not greyed out.
  • City upgrades no longer show unlocks which were already provided by its base upgrade.
  • FIxed issue where using the interface to relay a stack towards the orbital relay of an allied player would trigger a declare war pop-up. It now teleports the stack to an available neighbouring cell instead.
  • Fixed issue where the “Guerrilla Strike” operation would not display the success chance and detection chance for each player.
  • Fixed issue where sector labels would not be refreshed when a sector or colony was being traded.
  • Fixed issue where the sector name would not be valid when turning a settlement into a colonizer or into colonists and when razing any player’s starting colony. Note: only applies to newly generated scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where Unit Died voice events would trigger when a unit retreats from combat
  • Fixed an issue where the ground would sometimes vanish while zooming in on dead units in combat
  • Fixed the incorrect number of shields being listed in the PsiTec shield defense mode (it gives 4 and it said it only gave 2)
  • Fixed description of Cluster Shell to say your turn, rather than the enemy’s
  • Fixed a missing description from the Advanced Relay Infrastructure
  • Fix issue where some IA entries showed corrupted names.


  • Fixed a bug where pressing RT on a controller would not function correctly. The old behavior where the current event is selected has been restored.
  • Fixed issue where the settings of a planet were incorrectly being reset when cancelling the selected planet when playing with a controller.
  • Fixed issue where an invisible controller focus point was selectable in the host setup screen.
  • Fixed an issue when the multiplayer session screen was empty, the user could get stuck with an controller after trying to refresh the page.
  • Fixed issue where opening the Imperial Archives would automatically open the virtual keyboard.

Commanders & Customizations

  • Fixed Promethean hero weapons missing particles (Purifier Gun, Veldfire, Smog Sniper, Phoenix Breath)
  • Fixed Promethean Purifier units shooting Plasma Bombs from the wrong place. Also fixed the Amazon Purifier having a floating duplicate particle.
  • Fixed issue where the green Kirko eyes were glowing way too much.
  • Fixed issue where hair color would not affect the hair under the fishbowl helmet of the RetroScifi pack. Hopefully your character’s hair color is not too bonkers all of a sudden.
  • Fixed an issue where the PsiTec Staff hero item was not shooting from its tip and was missing the particle that the Overseer has. Also the shoot particles of both the PsiTec Staff and the Overseer should be coming out of a more accurately aligned place.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lancer animal’s neck sail was deforming strangely. Now it deforms slightly less strangely.
  • Fixed bad deformations on the amazon leader arms.
  • Fixed the neck suit jaw option of amazons clipping with skin in specific animations, particularly that of Raxonee from the campaign.
  • Improved deformation on the RPR-Culler’s wires, and also made the model of the wires smoother.
  • Fixed Paragon Fanatic gun holster looking untextured and clipping with the gun.
  • Fixed Assembly female capes floating off the back, and fixed all female cyber capes (SpacerPunk DLC content) floating off the back.

Anomalous Rewards

  • The Hero mods obtained from Survey Site can now correctly be equipped to mounted heroes.
  • Sunbringer – Can now correctly equip melee mods.
  • Thadeus’ Memory and Heartbreaker Handgun now correctly receive ammo mod upgrades
  • Thadeus’ Memory now correctly has 7 hex range (was 5 by mistake)

Source: press release, Paradox

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