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Darksiders Genesis has a new trailer and a release date

Darksiders Genesis has a release date, well two dates to be exact as it will be available on PC and Google Stadia on December 5th but console players will have to wait until Valentines Day, February 14th 2020.

There is also a new cinematic trailer introducing Strife, and he’s brought friend and fellow Horsman War along for the ride. Strife will be the main character throughout the campaign there will be a two player cooperative mode where one of the players can take on the role of the original Horseman that got the whole Darksiders franchise going. Genesis’ plot is set before the events of the original Darksiders so at this point in time War hasn’t been blamed for kicking off the Apocalypse on Earth.

Darksiders Genesis was announced in June and it is a departure from the usual style of the Darksiders franchise with Genesis adopting a top down camera view, but the fighting and puzzle solving will still be intact. Strife also has his own weapon set up choosing to use guns instead of melee weapons, and he’ll be using those to hunt down Satan who is working to upset the Balance and pushing power into the favour of the demon realm.

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