What We Played #439 – Darksiders Genesis, Beat Saber & Animal Crossing

All the recent build up to Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sent me packing back to Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS this week. Despite being seven years old now, it still holds up incredibly well and manages to be as charming as ever. I will admit I probably spent a bit too long during the Festivale event a few days ago though, chasing after feathers to exchange for Pavé’s furniture sets. Not because I particularly wanted the furniture, but so I could flog it at Re-Tail for 12,000 coins a pop!

I should probably avoid playing the game much more as we get into March though. I don’t really want to burn out on Animal Crossing before New Horizons is in my Switch!

Nic B‘s been rounding up his time in The Witcher 3, polishing off the DLC while also reading the books. “Well worth the £12 I paid for it. I’d seriously recommend it to anyone who wants a hundred-odd hours of fun on the cheap!” Aran, meanwhile, has been playing and swearing at Bloodroots, the review of which you can find here.

Kris popped in to say that “Shenzen I/O is good,” while Nick P has been “rubbish” this week and only been playing Judgment, and even then he’s only played it a little. Jim has been “similarly rubbish” this week, only managing to squeeze in a few evening sessions of Beat Saber. That’s not so bad though; “Those Rocket League tracks are lit, especially when attempting Expert of faster speed.”

Tuffcub’s been playing Destiny 2 a bit half-heartedly this week, twiddling his thumbs while waiting for the new Season of the Worthy to begin. But you can’t play Destiny on the tube, so he’s been tapping away at Archero on iOS, which is “practically perfect for my short commute.”

Steve C get the most gaming in this week, playing Alienation, some Anodyne, finishing off a few titles and installing Dreams in aniticipation of this weekend. He also dug out Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii to play with his kids.

Finally, Dom has played a ton of Darksiders Genesis, hoping to get a review ready for next week, but has largely been consumed by playing VR on his new Oculus Quest. “Beat Saber may be our household’s new religion.”

Now it’s over to you. What have you been playing this week?

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  1. The Division 2, and I find it quite addictive. The first game was better, though, as the environment was more special and suited to the topic, modding weapons was more straightforward, story-related activities made more sense, the info you found on those mobile devices throughout the world was more believable, etc. But overall, this second game is still very good, and the topic is also quite fitting for these days’ hype/panic over some exotic flu pandemic.

  2. Been playing Hunt Showdown…. this weekend will be more of the same – Hunt Showdown xD
    Hoping to get great progress on all 5 characters to reach lvl 50 if possible. Kust have to be patience and be really really good or get lucky!

  3. Lots of The Division 2 again. It gets even better once you get to level 30 and the endgame opens up.

    And I picked up the Zombie Army Trilogy for just £4 in the sale. After completely failing to buy it in the 400 previous sales. DO NOT pause the game and forget about it. Your controller starts doing creepy whispering. That took me a while to work out what was going on! Fun game though.

    That was about it this week, really. Along with my usual VR things. Seems Honor & Duty: D-Day should have a big graphics update in time for the Sunday evening chaos, except I won’t be around this week! Typical. (On the plus side, dodgy 80s goths to see in Frome, for some reason)

  4. Dreams, having fun experimenting with physics, animation and lighting as i cobble together more visual nonsense. And in NMS i’m still working my way towards being in a position where i can actually begin the mission to get a living ship. So much quicksilver required, so much loathe for the necessary missions. I’m “exploring space” for frack’s sake, i don’t need to be wasting my precious in-game time on no frackin’ ‘missions’!
    Oh well, needs must..

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