What We Played #653 – Killer Klowns, Fallout 4 & Homeworld 3

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if gaming devices could handle being played outdoors a bit better? Sure, screens are getting brighter and better all the time, but as soon as those glossy glass screens catch a whiff of reflected sky or sunlight, the image gets so washed out that there’s almost no point trying. Also power sockets don’t grow on trees. Still, at least it’s better than having to get close to a window and angle your original Game Boy Advance just right in the fading light while trying to beat Ecks vs. Sever or something.

I’ve spent this week mainly playing Homeworld 3 – tilting my blinds to stop evening sunlight washing out my screen – keep an eye out for our review of this long-awaited sequel later today.

Homeworld 3 War Games missions

With life coming at Aran thick and fast over the next few weeks, his sole gaming outlet has come from his continued journey through Outland. So we’ll move swiftly on to Gamoc who’s continued on with Dave the Diver and Fallout 4 where he now has six power armours, five of which will never be used because his first was found fully upgraded – “They look cool though.” He’s also played D&D “where the party are about to fight a narcissistic banshee in an ancient haunted mansion at the end of act one, since it was decided that counts…”

Jim’s gaming has been divided between chilling out with Skyrim, revisiting Disney Speedstorm for a bit of a 2024 review, and putting a few more hours into Shadow of the Tomb Raider as he tries to finish off the modern trilogy. He’s also been playing the World War I shooter Isonzo, saying “while it isn’t as slick or frenetic as, say, a Call of Duty, I’ve found it’s classed-based take on virtual trench warfare really interesting.”

Nick got to share his thoughts on some hands on time with Killer Klowns from Outer Space this week, the latest game from asymmetrical multiplayer studio IllFonic – read our preview here – with a side helping of Stellar Blade and a bit of Street Fighter 6.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space guns

While he’s looking forward to a deluge of indie games over the coming week – he’ll be diving into Indika and Hades II as soon as he can – Steve has been playing some Another Crab’s Treasure, Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun and finished off Super Mario RPG.

And we’ll wrap things up with Ade this week who might not have got much gaming in this week, but did get a bit deeper into Pentiment. “Kinda getting into it now! There’s a murder to solve and the game is opening up a lot.”

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  1. I continued Ghost of Tsushima, and although it’s still beautiful, it starts to get repetitive and feel overly long. Many missions are well designed, but there’s still far too much content, and the usual open world game fatigue slowly sets in.
    For a change, I tried Sea of Stars but got bored during the tutorial already, then Last Stop, which is interesting enough I’ll continue that one.
    I also got Vader Immortal VR in the sale, it’s my last hope those Move controllers would be good for something.

  2. Elden Ring will be the death of me xD. I can now defeat Radagon in under a minute and using only one health flask – but Elden Beast is still foiling my ascent to the Elden Throne. On the side, I’ve been romping through Wolfenstein Old Blood and have re-installed Cyberpunk 2077 for a replay in “next-gen” mode.

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