Get Anthem and six months of Spotify Premium for less than £8 with this deal

Music fans can save themselves over £50 with this new deal from Currys PC World that offers six month of Spotify Premium for just £7.97. Oh, and you get a copy of Anthem as well, I guess you can use that as nice coaster or to prop up a wonky bookshelf.

Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles have a Spotify app and you can use it to play music while you game, but at present there is no way to listen to Spotify bops on a Nintendo Switch.


Spotify recently announced a new feature, Family Mix, which takes playlist from your whole family and mixes them up, perfect for long car journeys. What will be next, will it be little Timmy’s favourite tune, Baby Shark (Do do doo do do), Dad’s classic Bruce Springsteen track, teenager Bethany’s uber cool hit from Ariana Grande, or Mum’s choice, a bit of Billy Ocean? Sounds like heaven to me!

Spotify has also launched a Disney hub, packed full of your favourite songs from the House of Mouse, so if your darling child wants to listen to Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid on constant repeat, all day, every day, they can!

And they probably will. 

Along with a huge catalogue of music for which the artists are not fairly compensated Spotify also offers lyrics, videos, concerts, artist profiles, and podcasts. Then there is Spotify Radio which creates a collection of songs based on any artist, album, playlist, or song of your choice, and updates over time to keep it fresh, and Daily Mix, “the perfect line-up of tracks ready to play at the touch of a button.”

This offer will be running until October 4th and unfortunately only applies to new Spotify Premium members, you can find the Xbox One offer here and the PlayStation 4 offer here. 

If you want to know more about Anthem then you’re very odd, but you can check out our hub page.

Source: Currys PC World

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  1. Too bad it’s UK only. That’s a great deal for Spotify. Plus you get a free dead game

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