Need For Speed Heat launch trailer welcomes you to the playground

EA has released the launch trailer for Need for Speed Heat in which there are a lot of shots of cars going very fast. Not sure what else you could have expected really. There is a bit of a twist though in that users can get a customized launch trailer which will include their design in the space of the plain car currently on the road.


Users can create a vehicle design in the NfS Heat Design app and then submit the linked account email here. The dev team will then go through submissions and decide which users can get the custom trailer. You can read Stefan’s thoughts on Need for Speed in his preview article, but there’s a snippet below.

Need for Speed Heat checks a lot of boxes to a lot of prospective fans. There’s a gorgeous world to race in and through, it’s easy to pick up and play, and there’s a little something for you whether you want pure racing at day, cop chases at night, drifting, off-roading, solo play, online play… It maybe runs the risk of being a jack of all trades, but you should be able to find something for everyone.

The full preview can be read here. Need for Speed Heat will be released on November 8th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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