Payday 2 Border Crossing Heist will be available November 7th

Overkill Software has confirmed that a new heist will be available for Payday 2 on PC, and this heist is called Border Crossing. The event is set during the Hell’s Island period and is, as you may guess, set on the US/Mexico border. The DLC features two heists to pull off with those being Border Crossing and Border Crystal.


Border Crossing is the story heist with the Payday gang hitting the operations of the Dentist and Murkywater. They discover that their nemesis are using a tunnel on the border to move cash and merchandise between the two countries. The heist has players moving on both sides of the border. Players can use both stealth and loud modes to carry out the operation.

Border Crystal is about crystal meth. In this heist players have to hit a Mexican cartel operation then defend it from waves of enemies while cooking crystal meth. This heist takes part on the Mexican side of the border.

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