HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition Review

Figuring out which high-end gaming headset to buy is a daunting and baffling task. When I was recently looking to buy my first pair, I spent hours upon hours researching the wild world of gaming headsets, slowly learning the simple fact that, in the world of audio, there is no one best device.

Out of the countless headsets I looked into, one pair stood out on top for me; the HyperX Cloud 2. My first day with them was a game changer, and since then I’ve considered HyperX to be the one of the safest bets when it comes to gaming headsets. With the release of the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition, that opinion is only further solidified.


Even if I don’t ever wear over-the-ear headphones outside of the house, I’m still incredibly concerned with the aesthetic of the cans I’ll be placing on my head. A lot of gaming headsets tend to look like the offspring of a Michael Bay Transformer and an overdesigned gamer chair. Even HyperX haven’t been entirely immune to this, throwing gaudy reds cascading across my prized HyperX Cloud 2’s. With the new Rose Gold variant of the HyperX Cloud Mix headset, it’s easy to see that the company is beginning to try and appeal to people outside of the hardcore gamer demographic.

The design of the body itself is identical to the basic version of the headset, but the body is now entirely white. White leather padding on the headband matches with the matte white finish of the earcups and the faux leather earpads. The striking white body is complimented by gorgeous, metallic rose gold bands that connect the headband to the earcups, as well as a rose gold imprint of the HyperX logo on each can. I’ve truly never seen a pair of gaming headphones with a look like this, elevating the hardware from serviceable gamer gear to a real fashion statement. The rose gold aesthetic is popular not just for its raw visual appeal, but the association with rocking a smart phone or pair of headphones using the colour scheme.

I may not usually wear headphones outdoors, but it’s incredibly tempting to go out and flex with this gorgeous headset. The detachable boom mic really helps here, meaning that the only real nod to gaming is the style of the HyperX logo. If rose gold and white isn’t your style, then there is also a plain black version.

HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition

It’s also tempting to wear these cans out more often thanks to how surprisingly light the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold headset is. I’m used to there being a bit of heft with high-end headsets, but the Cloud Mix feels light as a feather, clocking in at 0.57 pounds (260g). Once they’re on my head I barely feel like they’re there. It’s just one more detail that helps make the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold headset an easy piece of hardware to bring out for your daily commute.

It’s important to get into the hardware specifics of the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold headset, because as nice as the rose gold is, the technology under the hood is just as good. The Cloud Mix is a hybrid headset that works flawlessly in either wired or Bluetooth mode. I usually avoid wireless headsets due to the headaches of managing battery life and setting up Bluetooth dongles, but neither of those issues are a concern here. Not only does the Cloud Mix connect through a simple Bluetooth signal without requiring a plugged in dongle, but once you’re connected, the battery can easily last you over 20 hours of use.

Of course, wired mode is even easier to hook-up. Just plug the 3.5mm cable directly into your console or controller and you’re ready to party. If you want to use the microphone on PC, you’ll need to attach an extra and needlessly lengthy 2 metre extension cable to do so. The default 3.5mm cable is already long enough, meaning that this PC extension often ended up getting caught up at my feet and generally getting in the way while I was gaming.

HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition

No matter how you decide to connect to the HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold headset, you’ll be treated to a great sound experience. There’s a beautifully crisp quality to the audio of this headset that made gaming, listening to music and watching films an absolute treat. Directional audio in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 worked flawlessly, immersing me incredibly well as I heard gunshots and footsteps from behind me or to the side.

That said, I did noticed a lack of oomph to the overall experience. Turned up to the full, the headset still output at a fairly average volume, resulting in an audio experience that was sometimes quieter than I would have liked. That lack of booming sound led to audio often lacking the kind of all-encompassing feel that I tend to enjoy out of a gaming headset. The Cloud Mix comes in with a RRP of £179.99, which puts it in a high-end price range. The similarly priced LucidSound LS41 have spoiled me with their built-in mic monitoring, and not having that feeding my voice back to me makes it a bit harder to call this a perfect headset for gaming.

The HyperX Cloud Mix Rose Gold Edition isn't just another set of cans for hardcore video game enthusiasts. Like the slogan on the box says, "We're All Gamers." With a mainstream feeling white and rose gold colour scheme, this bridges the gap to casual audio enthusiasts as well. While the audio quality isn't a smash hit, everything else about the headset makes it an easy recommendation for both a gamer on the go and the console-bound heavy-hitter who needs a new headset to use for racking up killstreaks and exploring massive fantasy worlds.
  • Super lightweight
  • Gorgeous design and color-scheme
  • Simple to set up and use
  • No built-in mic monitoring
  • Maximum volume is a bit too quiet
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