Tell Me Why is the next game by Dontnod Entertainment, releasing Summer 2020

Dontnod Entertainment’s next game has been confirmed and it is a narrative adventure called Tell Me Why. The new game by the Life Is Strange developers follows twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan who live in a small town in Alaska. The twins have a unique bond and it’ll be explored through the story as players switch perspectives to play as both of the characters. Every choice made will impact the relationship between the twins and test the bond they have.


Tyler will be a transgender person and their representation is something Dontnod has been keen to get right. In doing so the developers have been working with the LGBTQ organisation GLAAD which has helped in shaping an accurate portrayal of the transgender experience. The Director of Transgender Representation at GLAAD, Nick Adams had the following to say.

“Tyler is a fully-realized, endearing character, whose story is not reduced to simplistic trans tropes. Creating a playable lead trans character – and taking such care to get it right – raises the bar for future LGBTQ inclusion in gaming.”

Tell Me Why will be released over three chapters in Summer 2020 for Xbox One and PC. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass too. The episodes shouldn’t have a long wait between them.

Source: XO19

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