Paradox outline their vision for Crusader Kings III

Announced at PDXCON last month, Paradox Interactive’s next Grand Strategy game is Crusader Kings III, the sequel to the character driven medieval nobility sim that really helped propel the company to where they are today.

But what is this sequel all about? What are they trying to achieve? Game Director Henrik Fåhraeus lays out his vision for the game in the first in a series of videos that will follow the game’s development.


Scheduled for release in 2020 – coming to PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC – CK3 throws out all that CK2 had built up over the last seven years, but not the lessons learnt from that game. Still set in the same medieval period, it will still blend the personal role playing and intrigue with a grand strategy map. In fact, it’s even more of that. Characters will be a huge part of the game, feeding into every aspect where it makes sense.

Of course, there will be more modern foundations to build on, such as a new graphics engine with 3D character models that age and change over time, but they’re also focussing on accessibility with improved “guided advice” for newcomers to be able to understand the game better. Of course, this won’t dilute any of the usual Crusader Kings shenanigans, with blackmail, scheming and devious machinations.

We spoke to Henrik Fåhraeus and his Game Designer Alexander Oltner at PDXCON, digging into some of what they want to achieve and how they plan to go about it, so make sure to catch that. There’s still plenty to discover about the game, with Paradox pretty coy about the actual grand strategy side of the game, and only showing snippets of the game instead of allowing press hands on while still quite far from release. Hopefully it’s going to be a worthy heir.

Source: press release

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