Last Stop is a new supernatural thriller from Virginia developers Variable State

Variable State has announced its new project which is called Last Stop. It’s set in London and players control three very different characters that have been caught up in a supernatural event. There’s the schoolkid called Donna, a man called John, and a mysterious lady called Meena. Each of these characters finds themselves embroiled in very strange situations. Donna encounters a man with magical powers, John has swapped into a different body, and Meena seems to be some kind of agent.

Variable State’s last game was Virginia and in our review Jim wrote:

Virginia’s tale of intrigue and mystery quickly comes full circle. In that time, it will take you to some pretty surprising, extraordinary places, and easily warrants a second playthrough. The closing moments may not be to everyone’s taste, though the journey to get there is certainly worthwhile.

You can read the Virginia review here. A release date for Last Stop is to be confirmed.

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  1. Virginia was very special, will keep this on my watch list.

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