DayZ Livonia map price and 1.06 release date confirmed?

In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new map coming to DayZ. Announced back in September, Livonia will drop DayZ fans into an unexplored survival sandbox that can host up to 60 players per server.


This new battleground will debut alongside the eagerly anticipated game update 1.06. Sandwiching the two together, Bohemia Interactive is not only introducing a new space in which to play but a number of new mechanics, changes, and fixes for survivors to discover.

Fans have been waiting for the studio to announce a launch date for Livonia. In a recent developer post, the game’s Project Lead confirmed that beta testing has wrapped, stating that 1.06 and Livonia are scheduled “for the upcoming weeks, simultaneously on all three platforms” including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It’s worth pointing out that while 1.06 and the changes it introduces are free to anyone who owns a copy of DayZ, the Livonia map itself comes with a price tag. Bohemia Interactive has yet to announce the exact cost though made a point in mentioning that it will launch for less than €15. Considering how most shooters have done away with premium map packs it will be interesting to see how many DayZ players pony up for this fresh wad of content.

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For more on Livonia, here’s the official outline

New massive world to explore. At 163 km², Livonia is big enough to provide you with hours of exploration as you learn the lay of the land. Its varied landscapes and numerous landmarks provide an abundance of places for players to take shelter, build a base, and hide from both the infected and other survivors.

Idyllic environment. This Eastern European terrain covers the southern Topolin-Nadbór region of the larger Polish-speaking country of Livonia. The new topography brings lush green landscapes, dense forests, overgrown fields, winding rivers, serene lakes, murky swamps, an array of dilapidated structures, and various remnants of an abandoned society.

Frequent Encounters. The new map is the perfect size for survivors looking for player-interactions. Whether friendly or hostile, you’ll stumble upon other players much more often in Livonia.

Fresh hunting ground. Livonia’s food supply is scarce, and players wanting to survive will have to quickly learn how to forage, fish, and hunt in this new wilderness to keep from starving. Luckily, Livonia is home to a plethora of wildlife for survivors to live off. But beware: alongside this delicious fauna a new threat roams the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ, and it comes in the form of the Eurasian Brown Bear. Watch out!

Erratic weather. The temperate late-summer climate of Livonia, although usually quite pleasant, brings frequent rainfall and severe thunderstorms. This unpredictable and relentless weather will pose an additional challenge for survivors, as you’ll have to keep a keen eye open for protective gear and shelter to shield yourself from the unforgiving elements.

Source: Official DayZ site

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