Double XP now activated in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward have activated Double XP across all platforms in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, giving you an extra boost to your progression before the start of Season 1. The booster will remain active until December 2nd but keep hold of any Double XP tokens you have, they will not stack on top the current boost and you will waste them if you use them. This also applies to any Double Weapon XP tokens.

Infinity Ward have some tips on how to climb your way up the rankings.


The Drive to 155: Plan of Attack

To help you gain even more XP, we have some advice for levelling up quickly, and both involve Missions & Challenges. While the Double XP event won’t impact Missions or Challenges, there’s still a lot of XP to be gained by completing them.

Whether you want to complete Ribbon, Mission, or a Daily Challenge, those XP rewards can be a big push to help you level up. Take the Winner Ribbon Challenge (Get 10 Public matchmaking wins) for example: from completing this single Challenge you’ll earn 5,000 XP.

Furthermore, check the requirements for your Daily Challenges and active Mission, and see if it aligns with the Ribbon challenges so you can knock out two (or three… or a Quad Feed) birds with one stone. For example, you may want to activate the Shock and Awe mission, complete its fourth objective (Call in 25 Care Packages), and have that progress also count towards the “Care Package” ribbon challenge.

When Season 1 begins on December 3rd your Officer Rank achieved up until that point will be “locked and memorialized” with all the ribbons and final Officer Rank you have earned. Here’s more from Infinity Ward.

At the start of Season 1, those who have made it into the Officer Ranks (Rank 56+) will have their Officer Rank refreshed, beginning a new journey up the Season 1 Officer Progression track (from Rank 56 to 155). Players will find another 100 ribbons to earn through a new set of challenges, leading up to a new and distinct animated emblem.

Anything you’ve earned in the Enlisted Ranks, as well as your Mission progress, Blueprint weapons, and Combat Record stats, will be carried over. If you haven’t reached the Officer Ranks by the time Season 1 begins (that is, you’re Rank 54 or less on December 3), you’ll continue to progress through the remaining Enlisted Ranks, before entering the Season 1 Officer Rank Progression.

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Source: Activision


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