Star Citizen has now raised a quarter of a billion dollars in funding

Cloud Imperium Games have raised over $250m in funding for their grand space game and if the funding continues at the current pace it will soon be the most expensive video game ever to be made, beating Grand Theft Auto V which cost an estimated $265 million,

The money includes $46m of private investment and is partially funded by people buying spaceships within the game. As the title only has 2.5m players that’s a hell of a lot of spaceships they are buying, some of which can cost hundreds of dollars such as the newly announced Anvil Carrack which will set you back $349.


Previously you could also buy The Legatus Pack which included117 ships, 163 items including skins, fuel pods, and service equipment. It doesn’t come cheap though as the pack costs $27,000. That’s if you’ve spent enough to even view the page as the buy-in requirement for that is having spent at least $1000 on in game trinkets.

Eight years after the first round of funding the game does still not have a launch date and is currently in Alpha. The single-player mode Squadron 42 should go in beta next year.

Earlier this year Forbes posted a damning report on Cloud Imperium Games and it’s boss, Chris Roberts, claiming the money was being frittered away due to “incompetence and mismanagement on a galactic scale.” Some fans have been requesting their money back, “The game they promised us can’t even barely run. The performance is terrible and it’s still in an ‘Alpha’ state,” complained a Florida resident who claimed last year to have spent $1,000. “I want out. They lied to us.”

Financials released by Cloud Imperium reveal they are spending $30m on salaries, but did not reveal how much Roberts was being paid.

“I know everyone thinks we just have $200 million in the bank and we dive off into it like Scrooge McDuck or something,” explained Roberts, and suggesyed that players view Star Citizen as a hobby, such as golf or collecting stamps. “All I know is when people come to me, I say, ‘Look, you don’t need to spend anything more on this game than $45. ”

Stretch goals for the game included building a mo-cap studio, which seems rather luxurious when they could just hire one for a hundredth of the cost of building their own. You can watch people throw money in to a black hole in real time by watching a live tracker of how much Cloud Imperium are raking in. 

Source: Roberts Space Industries via Eurogamer

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