Sources suggest Lockheart, the cheaper discless version of Project Scarlett, *is* being developed

When we first heard whispering of the next generation of consoles there was talk of not one, but two consoles from Microsoft. Project Scarlett, the all singing and dancing beast of a machine has been confirmed by Microsoft but the second version of the console, code-named Lockhart, was reportedly shelved back in June.

At the time both Digital Foundry and technology journalist Paul Thurrot have reported the second console has been binned. “Microsoft’s current plan for its next-generation Xbox is to focus on Scarlett and all mentions of Lockhart, which was previously documented in several places, has now been scrubbed clean,” reports Thurrot.

However, Kotaku are now reporting that Lockhart is far from dead and is still in development alongside Project Scarlett’s more powerful machine which was code-named Anaconda.

It seems that Microsoft are positioning the two models in much the same way the PS4 and Pro, or Xbox S and X are currently. Microsoft are said to be targeting 4K and 60fps for Anaconda but  1440p and 60fps for Lockhart. Both consoles will have solid state drives and games are required to work on both machines, and even if Lockhart is not as powerful as it’s bigger brother it will still be more powerful than current gen consoles.

As you might expect, Microsoft are rolling out the  “We do not comment on rumors or speculation,” comment.

While a lower priced entry to next gen gaming will be welcoming it does make you wonder just how much Project Scarlett’s Anaconda will cost. If Lockhart is more powerful than the current Xbox One X it will cost more, so over £300 and probably nearer £400, and if Anaconda is going to have even more power then we’re looking at the £500 mark or above.

Microsoft have remained quiet about their next gen plans and have only released a few titbits of information compared the slow but steady drip feed from Sony.We expect both consoles to be unveiled around March 2020 and to be in the shops for next Christmas.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. I think it would be a bad idea. The PS4 Pro was (sort of) okay because the base PS4 had been out for years – consumers felt like they were getting a beefed up machine. If two next-gen Xboxes come out at the same time – and all games are required to run on both – there will be a sense that you have bought an inferior product. What’s more, if you buy the beefy machine you’ll feel like the games aren’t all they could be because they need to accommodate the wimpy machine. Lose-Lose.

  2. Unless it’s upgradeable (unlikely I know) then I don’t see the point really. It will also create more work and testing for developers. If they get too expensive it’ll be at the “you may as well get a pc” stage.

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