Prepare for more League of Legends games as Riot Forge established

Riot Games has added a new department and established a new publishing arm called Riot Forge. The mission of Riot Forge is to partner with third-party studios to create games based on the League of Legends universe, with these games being “completable”. Basically, Riot Games is looking to partner up with others to make single-player League of Legends games.

How will this work then? Riot Games will provide all of the necessary support to studios regarding League lore and allow the studios to base games upon established stories or go further and add new stories to the universe which will be canon. Riot Games will also help handle localisation, marketing, and provide voice-over talent. Developers that work with Riot Forge won’t be limited when it comes to platforms with PC, consoles, and mobile all areas in which League of Legend games will be published.

The developers that Riot has partnered with is being kept under wraps for now as projects are still very early in development, but the door is open for developers to contact Riot Forge with ideas and the opportunity of potential partnerships.

Riot Games was recently in the news after the company agreed to settle in the gender discrimination case bought against it, settling on a sum of $10 million to be paid out to the victims.

Source: Riot Forge

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