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Destiny 2 season pass holders can skip the grind with unloved characters

If you have the Destiny 2 season pass and have reached level 100 then you may not know you can use it to skip a huge amount of grind with a second and third character.

This is because the Season Pass has armour for each class, plus an exotic weapon for each class. For example, my Titan is 106 on the Season Pass, so I then swapped to my Warlock, a lowly 750 character, went to the season pass, unlocked all the armour which has levels of 900 or above, and bingo, my Warlock has instantly skipped over 150 levels of grinding.


As I also have a Hunter, also unloved and level 750, I swapped to her and once again unlocked all the Hunter armour and boosted her up to 918. As the Season Pass expires in a few days it’s well worth grinding the last few levels and getting some free boosts for your unloved characters.

Bungie have recently revealed more about Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn which will focus around Osiris and Saint-14, a mythical Titan who’s body you discovered all the way back in the first year of the game. This season’s story involves time travel so it appears that you may be able to change history and save Saint-14.

The new six player activity is The Sundial, a large area infested with the Red Legion that has portals than can take you to a different time. What you see when travelling when through the portal will depend on community challenges, but expect lots of enemies. The game mode will have various difficulty levels and new bosses will be added to it throughout the season but matchmaking will not be available for these.

Here is the roadmap for Season Pass holders:

  • Nessus and EDZ obelisks – December 17
  • The Sundial: Ozletc, The Sky Piercer – December 17
  • Save a Legend – December 17
  • The Dawning – December 17
  • Iron Banner – December 24
  • The Sundial: Tazarock, The Sun Eater – December 24
  • Legend Sundial – January 7
  • Exotic quest: Devil’s Ruin – January 7
  • Exotic quest: Bastion – January 28
  • Empyrean Foundation – February 4
  • The Sundial: Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune – February 4
  • Crimson Days – February 11



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  1. Free tip:
    Use your vanguard and crucible tokens to level up the first bit. THEN use the season pass. It will get you well beyond 900 at season pass level 35, let alone at season pass level 100+

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