Beat Saber PSVR update adds new game mode and Green Day songs

With gamers still digesting the torrent of news and announcements from this year’s Game Awards, you may have missed the latest update for PSVR powerhouse, Beat Saber.

Update 1.22 is now ready to download and install, adding a number of welcome additions and improvements to the PlayStation VR version of the game. Those who have been keeping tabs on Beat Saber’s upcoming content will also know that the Green Day song pack is now available.


While the new songs are all premium DLC (you can pick and choose songs or purchase a discounted bundle) the features in version 1.22 are completely free and give Beat Saber a noticeable boost on PlayStation VR. Here’s what it does:

  • Brand new 90 Degree Levels
  • Adaptive SFX volume
  • Automatic player height detection
  • UI improvements
  • Graphics improvements
  • Various tweaks and fixes

You may be wondering what exactly those “90 Degree Levels” are. In a nutshell, they introduce a slightly new way of playing Beat Saber with notes coming towards the player from different lanes instead just the one in front of them.

These stages require a little more movement and awareness on higher difficulties though not all songs are fully compatible. Beat Games has drawn up a set list of tracks, each with one prescribed difficulty option. Given the PlayStation VR’s inherent technical limitations, Sony’s tech isn’t compatible with the 360 degree levels that have been added to other versions of the game.

As for new content, there are six Green Day songs which have received the Beat Saber treatment. Naturally, this selection is weighted towards the band’s landmark “American Idiot” album. The playable tracks include “Holiday”, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, “Minority”, “Father of All”, “Fire, Ready, Aim”, and “American Idiot”.

Post launch support for all versions of Beat Saber has picked up considerably in the past few months, especially on PlayStation VR. Recently there have been themed song packs based on Imagine Dragons, Panic! at the Disco, and Rocket League with a flurry of new features and free songs for the community.

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